The iPhone 8 leaks and rumors are giving us more insight into the exact plan of Apple for the tenth-anniversary edition of its smartphone. This includes a stainless steel frame and a curved all-screen OLED. So far, here is the information we have.

Apple’s iPhone 8 release date is upon us because it is expected to be released in less than six months to this time and we are already deep into more rumors about this smartphone that will be released in 2017.

The tenth anniversary of the iPhone is here, and their design is due for changes. For over three years now, we have not seen a brand new look from them, so prepare to be surprised by them this year 2017.

The change may start from the name: iPhone 8 or iPhone X or iPhone Edition instead of a name like iPhone 7S or iPhone 7S Plus. The refresh is long overdue, and Apple deserves a giant leap.

With the all the rumors about iPhone 8, everything is pointing to the fact that Apple is overhauling its phone with premium design.

We have combed the internet and sorted all the facts and everything you need to know about the release date specs and the price.

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iPhone 8 Release Date Leak

The BiggestLeak:

  • iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus launches on September 2017
  • The curved, all-screen iPhone 8 launches at later date

The iPhone 8 release date rumor is expected to stay the same just like previous years, but Apple may decide to do something different.

September of every year has become synonymous to Apple launching of a new phone since the iPhone 5 in 2012. So it has become consistent from Apple to launch a phone in September since that 2012.

The September launching may be for the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, but the iPhone 8 launching may come a little bit later. Though, it should launch before Christmas with biggest changes to Apple’s smartphone in many years.

Apple is expected to have an iPhone launching event around September 8 and ship the iPhone 7S a week later. But we may have to wait another two months for the launch of iPhone 8 due to supply issues according to Bloomberg.

We keep hearing the same rumor that iPhone 8 will not be ready at the same time with the 7s. This is confirming the rumor that Apple is having an issue with both OLED display and embedding of fingerprint scanner into it.

So, don’t be surprised if the iPhone 8 is not launched in September.


iPhone 8 Screen

The biggest leaks:

  • No bezel and no home button
  • A 5.8-inch edge-to-edge screen
  • A curved AMOLED display

The shape and size of the iPhone 8 screen may change because it is about time we see something more stylish and bigger display than the 6’s era display.

The biggest rumor in town is that the iPhone 8 will enjoy a curved AMOLED display instead of the flat LCD panel.

We have seen the curved AMOLED in Samsung Galaxy S8, so iPhone 8’s may be less dramatic, but good looking. There are exciting benefits that AMOLED presents that are better than what normal IPS LCD presents. It can deliver more vibrant colors, better contrast, and battery-saving always-on display. The display is better suited for AR and VR.

But to make it clear; due to the supply problem, you might see the much fancy, new OLED display on all iPhone 2017 model. So, Apple may include the OLED display on only iPhone 8 version. Apple may also decide to use it as bait to buy iPhone 8 Plus; thus including it in only iPhone 8 Plus instead of iPhone 8.

We’ve also had a rumor that the iPhone 8 screen size will be around 5.8 inches, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

There has also been the talk of removing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the physical home button into the screen itself; the rumor is dated back to almost 2 years. This will eliminate the useless bezel around the screen, and the entire face will be displayed.

And somehow, the Touch ID sensor, front-facing camera, and the speaker will be embedded in the display.

In short, the premium iPhone 8 is highly favored to enjoy a stunning 5.8-inch OLED display.


iPhone 8 Design

The biggest leaks:

  • There may not be much change to the smaller model
  • The aluminum back will be replaced by a curved glass back

Well, the Apple is moving to all-glass design just when they are about to perfect the aluminum unibody phone with the iPhone 7.

According to the analyst Ming-Chi Quo, iPhone 8 is highly rumored to debut the curved glass back during the tenth anniversary. The rumor has received enough weight with the backing of the company’s CEO who claimed one model of the phone would adopt glass casing in 2017.

The other rumor is that the phone could get a little more waterproof, possibly from IP67 to IP68 rating according to The Investor.

The important thing is that you should expect a huge change to the design of the phone. Though it is too early to conclude every new iPhone size will enjoy extra waterproof and the curved glass look features, but we believe the era of aluminum iPhone is going to end soon.

iPhone 8 Camera and AD features

The biggest leaks:

  • 3D camera
  • Augmented reality features
  • A vertical-oriented dual-camera lens.

We believe Tim Cook will tell us “The iPhone 8 camera will do extraordinary things” when he mounts the stage come September. Tim Cook in his quarterly investor calls showed that it is been captivated by the AR (augmented reality).

What is the function of AR? With AR, you can point your phone to an object and have it recognized. The AR should be able to map out your schedules, and if you combine it with Apple Pay, it could make the iPhone 8 a big winner.

AR may also be the reason for the vertically aligned dual-lens camera on the back rumor. But don’t expect more than the 12MP camera. We are not expecting much change from the front camera because iPhone 7 already spotted 7MP iSight camera.

iPhone Battery

Greatest leaks:

  • Two batteries
  • Fast charging
  • Wireless charging

If you have used iPhone in the past, you will understand a battery is not enough. Maybe that is the reason Apple is rumored to be planning two batteries for the iPhone 8 to extend the battery life.

It may also support wireless charging which will be aided by the all glass design Apple is planning for the new phone.

Apple may go a step above rivals and offer us a truly wireless charger that works at up to 15ft, without any contact required between the power source and the device.

So, improved battery life and wireless charging are big possibilities but don’t count on being able to charge from a distance.

iPhone 8 iOS 11 and internal specs

It is almost certain that iPhone 8 will transition us from the iOS 10 to iOS 11.

We will also undoubtedly see better internal specs in the iPhone 8. The same goes for the RAM.

We believe iPhone 8 will be faster as we look forward to the phone.

iPhone 8 other features

  • A smart connector
  • An iris scanner
  • New sensing technology

iPhone 8 price

We may be thrown a curveball by iPhone 8 price since the brand is planning a new smartphone design

The Apple iPhone 8 may cost 67% more than the iPhone 7 Plus because of the features they are planning to include in the new phone.

So get ready for the launch.

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