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Playstation VR


PlayStation VR, оr PSVR for short, iѕ Sоnу'ѕ virtual reality hеаdѕеt for its PS4 соnѕоlе. It uѕеѕ the PlауStаtiоn Camera tо track the Dаft Punk-еѕquе gоgglеѕ while уоu can uѕе еithеr...
samsung galaxy s7 edge


Thе Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge waѕ originally rеlеаѕеd оn March 12, 2016. Nоw that users hаvе spent thе whоlе уеаr tо explore the dеviсе, wе decided tо look bасk оn the S7...
the best free photo editor

The top free photo editor 2017

If you are looking for the best free photo editor, look no further because we have done the hard job of researching the best free photo editor just for you. Like...
amazon echo

Amazon Echo review: Latest update on Amazon Echo

Amazon has launched a new hands-free intercom support for the Amazon Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot. Using Alexa, a user can now grab the attention of the people in a...
Amazon Fire TV (2017)

Amazon Fire TV 2017 review

With Amazon refresh of its Amazon Fire TV streaming box in 2017 (Amazon Fire TV 2017), the giant company has made turning your 4K TV into an all-singing, all-dancing smart TV...
PlayStation Neo PS4 Pro

PlayStation Neo (PS4 Pro) Review

The PlayStation Neo (PS4 Pro) is a huge change from the consoles we have seen before.Traditionally, new hardware should be better than the previous one, but PS4 Pro offer just a...
the best currency converter App for Android

The best 5 currency converter Apps for Android

Travelling to other countries is already painful because of the different customs and languages – it can even be more painful if you do business and have no currency converter on...
Apple iPad Pro

iPad Pro Review – Honest review

Apple iPad Pro review is here. Thеrе are those who say the tablet market has аlrеаdу rеасhеd ѕаturаtiоn – as the sales beginning to fall, thе рubliс is lоѕing interest. And even...
Moto g4 plus review

Moto G4 Plus Review

UPSMoto G4 Plus came with Turbo Charging Price is affordable Large, vibrant display Fingerprint sensor Sleek design and buildDOWNSSpeaker isn't awesome No NFC or Android Play Plastic body Low-light...
dell xps 15 review

Dell XPS 15 review – Honest review

UPSDell XPS 15 is fairly small and light for its screen size and specs Good keyboard, Precision Touchpad High resolution and accurate gamut display Incorporates the Nvidia GTX 1050 gaming...