best laptop battery and laptop power bank

There is nothing worse than your laptop running out of battery, especially when you are far away from the power socket. Thankfully, there are portable laptop battery chargers and power banks that won’t allow you to get stuck anytime you are far from a power socket.

In fact, these portable laptop battery chargers and laptop power banks can replace your original laptop charger, providing you an uninterruptible power supply everywhere you go.

In this article, we have lined up the best laptop battery chargers and laptop power banks you should consider buying.

#1 Laptop Power Banks: POWERADD PILOT PRO2

best laptop battery and laptop power bank

Two years warranty backs this laptop Power bank. The emergency portable laptop battery comes with 10 connectors, which covers most of the notebooks on the market. The power bank has 23Ah/85Wh capacity and its maximum output power is 90w (20V, 4.5A). This device only weighs 560g, making it great when you are traveling by plane. In fact, its battery is anti-explosive.

Capacity: 23Ah // Notebook Connectors: 10 Outputs: 1 x DC, 2 x USB

+ Tons of connectors

+ Long warranty

– No Type-C connectors

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#2 Laptop Power Banks: MAXOAK APPLE MacBook CHARGER

best laptop battery and laptop power bank

With this power bank from Apple, it shows Apple wants to ensure its product matches the audience high expectations. The MaxOak has the hallmarks of an Apple device, but without bearing the brand’s logo.

It is the best with highest battery capacity on this list, but it is heavy at 1kg and you may not be able to travel with it on the plane because of its capacity. It can cater for most recent Apple laptops like MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro, but nothing else.

Capacity: 36Ah // Notebook Connectors: 3 // Outputs: 2 x Type-A, 1 x Type-C, DC-out

+ Plenty of connectors

+ Massive capacity

– Expensive

– Heavy

– Can’t bring on a plane

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best laptop battery and laptop power bank

This charger targets Microsoft’s Surface range by offering an appropriate DC output voltage of 12V and 15V. It comes with 5 ports, 4 of which allow you to charge 5V devices (including other power banks, tablets and smartphones).

The Qualcomm’s Qi technology allows it to charge devices quickly. You will be able to use it to charge the new MacBook, but not traditional laptops relying on a 19V DC output. Have it in mind that its 35Ah capacity may get it banned on some airlines, like that of MaxOak.

Capacity: 35Ah // Notebook Connectors: 1 // Outputs: 4 x Type-A, DC-out

+ Great for Surface tablets

+ Fast-charging enabled

– Can’t carry it on plane

– Expensive

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#4 Laptop Power Banks: SANDBERG POWERBANK 20000

best laptop battery and laptop power bank

Sandberg’s Powerbank is neither the most powerful nor the cheapest around, but it comes with some features that make it an enticing option. It outputs many voltages including 12V, 16V, 19V and 20V. The powerbank automatically select the right voltage depending on the device connected to it.

It has 2 USB ports which are obviously hardwire to output 5V on. There are 12 charger tips but unfortunately for the Dell XPS 13 users, it would not fit and they won’t also be useful for the USB Type-C models such as the XPS 13 from 2016.

This power bank is different from its rivals because it uses a brushed, premium aluminum finish, and it has a bright blue LED light that will indicate how soon you need to charge the battery.

Capacity: 20Ah // Notebook Connector: 12 // Outputs: 2 x USB Type A, 1 x DC-out

+ Slimmer than the competition

+ Plenty of laptop connectors

– Dedicated charger

Impressed? Get Sandberg Powerbank 20000 on Amazon now.

#5 Laptop Power Banks: DELL POWER COMPANION PW7O15L

best laptop battery and laptop power bank

Dell sells this powerbank with various battery capacities. It is compact and looks like a Dell power brick that charges your laptop.

Dell Power Companion is a very sleek battery pack that you will love if you or your office relies on Dell XPS, Latitude, Inspiron or Venue laptops and tablets. It added benefit is the extra USB ports which you can use if you need them.

Capacity: 18Ah // Notebook Connectors: 0 // Outputs: 2 x USB Type-A, DC-out

+ Extra ports available

+Relatively affordable

Dell only

Impressed? Get Dell Power Companion PW7015L on Amazon now.

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