Anything can be a gift, but finding the perfect and most ideal gift to give someone can be challenging especially when not so sure about what the recipient delights in. However, there are some gifts that are always on point no matter the season, one’s hobby or enthusiasm. Forget about jewelry, clothing, books or any usual customized items; and try the tech gifts for smartphone enthusiasts.

If you are thinking for a gift idea to give to a friend, colleague loved one or a family member who is a phone addict, then focus on the tech world. You will seldom go wrong on this unless the receiver is some technophobic person wrongly rooted in a world where people rarely let go off the phone in their hands.

Here are some of the best gifts ideas that we sampled out for smartphone enthusiasts, while keeping in mind the quality and pricing:

1. CamKix Wireless Camera

The CamKix Wireless Camera is a good gift to not only smartphone addicts but also photographers. It is very tiny and can be carried with a lot of ease. You will not even feel its weight when you attach it on your phone as you take photos.

Setting up is easy, with Bluetooth connectivity. No internet connection is required.


  • The camera is wireless. You only need to turn on the remote, the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone, and pair the remote control with the smartphone once. You can take both selfies and group photos and videos as far as 10 meters away with the remote.
  • There are 5 different lenses in the carrying case; fisheye lens, telephoto, macro, (CPL) circular polarized lens and the wide angle lens.

For easy storage, the wide angle and macro lens have been screwed together. If you need to use the wide angle lens, simply attach both sets to the clip and for macro lens, you will have to unscrew the wide angle lens first.

  • The camera is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, from android, windows phone to iOS devices. The universal lens clip makes it possible to attach the lens to the phone.
  • The lenses are of very high quality and designed from aluminum.

2. The Power Portable Electric Generator

This gift is the best alternative power source for those who like camping and adventures. It will not only charge your device but also boil water that you can use for other purposes. If you go camping where you can’t access electricity, and even you’re your power bank has run empty, the Power portable Electric Generator will save you greatly. It is ideal for emergencies.


  • It has a standard USB port (5V) hence able to charge most USB devices ranging from smartphones, speakers, UV lights, speakers, GPS navigation, digital cameras, radio, headlamps, and many more.
  • It is waterproof
  • Resistant to flame
  • Very portable, and weighs at just 12 ounces.
  • The Powerpot works on any heat source; on a campfire, propane or butane heat source, woodstove or even hot spring.
  • Works at any time and place, even in bad weather.
  • You can boil water while charging your smartphone, and therefore ideal when camping.

3. PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer

best gifts for the smartphone enthusiast

The phone carries more germs than any other place, probably much more than a public restroom. After all, phones are always the first thing we grab even before washing our hands. In some cases, a large number of people have at one point in their lives used the phone in the washrooms. The problem comes by when the device is not washable, because who can even dare subject it to the damage caused by water or any other liquid sanitizer.

PhoneSoap has solved this by bringing us the UV sanitizer. No more germs or a bacterium to your phone, as PhoneSoap UV Sanitizer cleanses and disinfects the device using ultraviolet rays while it is charging.


  • The sanitizer fits most large phones and tablets like iPhone 7+. It has internal dimensions of 6.8”L x 3.74”W x 0.78”H.
  • The inside of the sanitizer contains 2 UVC lights and reflective paint meant to concentrate the light around your smartphone.
  • It has a standard universal USB charger for charging your phone while sanitizing.
  • The whole sanitizing process takes only 5 minutes. You will know the process is done by observing the blue light glowing through the lightning bolt, as they will have automatically shut off. You can remove it from the sanitizer or leave it there to charge.
  • The PhoneSoap Sanitizer can also sanitize other things such as watches, ear buds or cards.
  • To charge your phone, you need to plug the charging cable through a hole present at the bottom of the sanitizer, and plug it to your smartphone.
  • This device kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

You can get this one too as a gift for the people you love.

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My name is Jean and I am a technology manager. I’ve been reviewing various products and best prices to get them on LeMeilleurAvis over 5 years now. If you have no idea what to get your phone addict friend or family member, then these gifts are perfect for them.

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