AI: 5 things you never realized you use AI for every day

Do you use AI (Artificial Intelligence)? This might look like a high-brow thing for data scientist and coders, but in actual fact, AI is everywhere. If you use the Amazon Echo, then you use AI. With your use of Netflix and Facebook, AI is used on you.

Artificial Intelligence AI is a catch-all term for many technologies – including voice recognition, machine learning, natural language processing and neural network – but they all have one thing in common; they allow machines to learn to respond to our needs. Very soon we will have advanced AIs within self-driving vehicles, smart home thermostats that will know when you are on your way home, and – maybe computers that teach themselves. It might take much time to achieve some of the above mentioned AI, but AI is currently part of our everyday life.

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#1. Searching the internet


Google is the biggest and most popular search engine of this age, and it uses AI to hunt-down the best and relevant results from billions of pages on the web. In a few years back, Googling has become voice-friendly and a bit contextual, but the vital new part of Google search algorithm, known as RankBrain, has made Google search even more consistent.

As opposed to the queries that pop-up when you are typing a query, RankBrain work is to find answers to search terms and questions Google has never come across. So RankBrain attempts to guess what you’re searching.

#2. Smart home assistants

What begins in your phone has now moved to smart speakers such as HomePod, Google Now and Echo, but virtual assistants are the most used AI at home. The biggest four players – Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant – all use natural language processing and voice recognition for hands-free searching.

The Amazon Echo Look even adds a depth-sensing camera and smart style assistant to show you how great your outfit looks in the morning.

#3. Facebook’s inner workings

Over two Billion Facebook users upload more than 350 million photos every day. But how does Facebook classify all the photos to sell ads? It’s Deep Learning. As well as using the Deep Text algorithm to find the intended meaning in comments and status updates. Its DeepFace algorithm also identifies your face in the photo of other people.

Facebook also makes use of AI to group users for easier advert placement. That’s not all; FAIR (Facebook AI Research) now has three labs in New York, Paris, and Menlo Park as it looks to expand the use of the latest AI strategies.

#4. Uber’s dynamic pricing

AI: 5 things you never realized you use AI for every day

With Uber, the fare you pay depends on several variables like the distance of the route and estimated time, traffic congestion and the supply of drivers when someone makes request. Now, Uber is using AI to figure out pricing.

#5. Instagram spam filtering

AI: 5 things you never realized you use AI for every day

Before, Instagram used to be filled with spam, but not anymore now. Thanks to its use of DeepText since October 2016. You know Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the DeepText was borrowed from Facebook.

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