Google Glass

When Google shuttered the Google Glass website back in 2015, it looked like the end of the road for the company’s great vision of a heads-up display one could wear at all times. Well, just about two years later, it turns out that Google just took the wearable out of the public eye to dress it in a beautiful suit and tie to release it with business in mind.

When Google released the Google Glass in 2012, it looked promising, but unfortunately, the Glass’s failing became apparent. The Glass was buggy, felt awkward and didn’t have a clear function. Back then, the people interacting with the glass users were worried about the Google Glass capturing their private moments. So establishments started banning the Glass. It showed that the project was not working.

But Google promised to be back. In fact, the journey had already begun. The sound of breaking Glass has already stated in the tech press, and some early businesses have started discovering the Google Glass would be a great solution to the problem vexing the workplace.

The Alphabet X has revealed Google Glass Enterprise Edition, and instead of targeting the public that is not interested, it is targeting businesses where it is likely to have more success.

Google Glass Explorer Edition had a lot of promise – the heads-up display that could serve as your personal computer that you could access anywhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. Now, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition is here, what should we expect?

Practical and Professional with Google Glass

Though the public was not interested in the Google Glass, businesses were, and Google continued supplying the glasses to different US companies like Boeing DHL, AGCO and GE Aviation. These businesses integrated the glasses into their work environments practically and reported increased in efficiency and decrease in paper work as a result of using this technology.

Google has been able to craft an Enterprise Edition based on feedback from the businesses using the Google Glass Explorer Edition. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition has been re-designed and upgraded with the work environment in mind. The device is now lighter and more comfortable to wear, and it now has a better camera, faster Wi-Fi, improved battery life and more processing power.

Companies are able to gain from Google Glass Enterprise Edition in several ways by creating customized apps with Google and its developers.

For instance, GE gives their mechanics the glasses and are able to watch instructional animation and instructional videos. This has helped them reduced the time they spent consulting the computers for the next steps.

DHL has also brought the Google Glass into their warehouse to speed up the supply chain process. They now have the information displayed in real time rather than having to check paper instructions to see where different orders have to be placed. DHL said this had increased the efficiency at the business place by 15%.

Doctors in healthcare are saying they are able to give their patients more attention and time as the remote scribe app from Augmedix is helping them to take all the note of their patient for them and minimize their administrative duties.

Even with this newfound success, Google Glass is unlikely to be available in the public sphere any time soon. But there is hope because the Glass consumer team still exist. The plan is to expand on this Enterprise Edition and open it up to more businesses. We will be keeping a close eye on the performance of the Glass to see if it has better luck with its latest design.

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