Recently, Google started experimenting with numerous new improvements to its Chrome browser. The improvements include the dark mode for macOS and Windows and a new way of displaying information about tabs.

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Based on report reaching us, Tab Hover Cards will be replacing tooltips, showing details about the tab’s contents anytime you hover over it.


It is a relatively little change, but the change will actually make life easier for you if you are the type that keep lots of tabs open at once, and the tooltips are not easy to read, or disappear too fast.


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Currently, the Tab Cards only work in Chrome Canary, which is an experimental version of the browser that allows early adopters to test new features first, and lets developers see how their websites and apps will work in future version of Chrome.

Google testing a new way to display tab information in Chrome


If you want to download the Tab Cards now, get the latest version of Canary and input chrome://flags in the address bar. This will allow you to activate the experimental features that are not yet enabled by default. Scroll down to ‘Tab hover cards’ and change ‘Default’ to ‘Enabled.’


After installing and enabling the Tab Cards feature, relaunch Chrome Canary and open a few tabs and hover your mouse pointer over each of the tabs you opened to see the new tab cards in action. The feature currently appears in addition to tooltips, but the tooltips will disappear after a few seconds, whereas the tab cards will remain visible until you move the mouse away.


As Google continues to improve the Chrome, we believe you will love the features because based on what we have seen, they are actually fantastic. This Tab Cards feature and Chrome dark feature are actually going to make life easier for you. If you can’t wait or you simply want to test the features out, go to Chrome Canary right now.

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