Windows 10 s

On May 2, Microsoft finally pulled off the curtain on its leaked and already-tested lightweight version of Windows 10 Windows 10 S. The Windows initially expected to be named Windows 10 Cloud instead called Windows 10 S.
Microsoft invited the press early that month, and todaytechnologynews was there to bring the latest news and impressions to you from the New York City briefing.
Since the release of Windows 10 S, we have learned a few more details that Microsoft did not exactly scream and wave about during the time it was revealing the operating system (OS).


  • What is Windows 10 S? A new, lightweight Windows 10 version
  • When is Windows 10 S out? Available now
  • How much will it cost? It is free to all schools using Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 S release date

Windows 10 S debuted on 2nd May 2017, with devices using OS available the same day. Microsoft titled the event invitation “MicrosoftEDU,” making no misgivings about the aims with the new OS.

Windows 10 S
To be precise, Windows 10 S is not available for individual but will be found on new devices issued to the IT administrators in education and those on shelves. Google’s Chromebooks are currently ruling the roost in the education sector, so Microsoft is also focusing on education sector with its Windows 10 S.

Windows 10 S price

Windows 10 S is free, but not to schools that are already sporting Windows 10 Pro. The OS cost is more than likely being subsidized by hardware makers.
Using the same business model makes sense as Windows 10 S is directly competing with Google’s operating system for its Chromebook platform – Crome OS. Google did not sell its OS individually for customers to install on their machines themselves, so Microsoft is doing the same thing.

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    To summarize everything, you won’t be paying for Windows 10 S so much as you will pay for the hardware running it.
    Aside from the new Surface Laptop, the laptops running Windows 10 S begin at $189 and cap out at $299. Premium category laptops will also join the Windows 10 family, though the pricing information on those is not yet confirmed at this time.

What is Windows 10 S?

As stated above, Windows 10 S is a lightweight, pared-down Windows 10 version. Specifically, the OS can support apps downloaded only from Microsoft’s Windows Store and those baked into the OS already.

In fact, only Edge and Bing are the particular browser and search engine options that Windows 10 S users have. But hey, the converted Apple users can at least take solace in the fact that they can now access their music library through the Windows store.

Do you think you know much about passwords?
The good news about Windows 10 S is that it allows for startup time of 5 seconds instead of the 30 – 40 seconds startup time of the Windows 10 Pro. Also, it is as easy as inserting a USB stick in each of student’s laptops when configuring settings like Wi-Fi, webcam, etc. across the entire classroom.

Microsoft has made it possible to make a move back down to Windows 10 S for Windows 10 Pro upgraders. So if you change your mind after installing Windows 10 Pro, you can quickly switch back to Windows 10 S and vice versa.

Having said that, you can expect OneNote, the Edge browser and Windows Ink on laptops and / or tablets running Windows 10 S. The standard Movies and Groove Music apps and the likes of Maps, Mail and Calendar are also available. Cortana is also of course available. It also features File Explorer.

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