How to fix iOS 11 problem

Most of iOS 11 problems have been solved in the iOS 11.1 update, but this software from Apple is still not flawless. At least not everyone is completely enjoying it without problems.

For some users glitches persist, and while they are all minor, there are a lot. What is the problem? This is routine for Apple’s yearly iPad and iPhone update.

Your biggest hurdle is that with so many carriers, so many devices, so many settings you may have ticked what others don’t, hence the minor issues you alone might face with iOS 11.

After reading all the solutions provided here, if you still have an unsolved problem with iOS 11, just follow and tweet at us and we will lit such problem here and message you directly if we find a solution.

We will treat the issue with downloading the new iOS 11 update and installation on your device. We’ll also take a look at the problems the new operating system may have caused for your device, problems with iOS 11 and how you can overcome the problems.

1. Can’t connect to a Wi-fi network

A user reported that their iPhone is no longer allowing them to join their personal Wi-Fi network and it is possible they’re not alone in this problem.

The first step to take to resolve this issue is to reset your phone, reset your Wi-Fi router even if other devices can easily connect to the internet through it or forget the Wi-Fi network on your device and rejoin.

You can also reset your device network settings by going to Setting>>General>>Reset>>Reset Network Setting – never worry, this way of fixing the issue shouldn’t erase anything on your device.

If you try the above solution and the problem persist, then you may have to revert to iOS 10 and wait for Apple to fix it.

2. Your iOS 11 camera setting keep changing

How to fix iOS 11 problem

It is annoying when your camera setting reset as soon as you close the default camera app.

The good news here is that as explained above, this is meant to happen. It is actually a missed feature that comes along with iOS 10 and a part of iOS 11.

You can keep modes such as square or video, filter and studio lighting effects as well as live photos locked if you visit the Preserve Setting in Camera setting menu.

3. The storage of your iPhone is suddenly filling up

A user reported that the iOS 11 update began to slowly the storage on their device until it was almost full. The error doesn’t look to be linked to any specific app, but just the storage that the system takes up itself. Unfortunately, we are yet to find a solution to this, so you may revert to your backup or upgrade to iOS 11.1.

4. Some apps are no more or not working properly

If you have been moving old apps from one phone to another for a while without updating them, they may not work well with iOS 11. If they are too old or they are 32-Bit, they won’t be compatible with iOS 11.

5. Poor battery life with iOS 11

It looks like every iOS new version invariably comes with a host of complaints that older iPhones have their battery life so much impacted. If your device’s battery is running out early and it is not because you are spending more time on your device learning the new features, there are a lot of things that could cause this.

Older apps may not be playing well with the new iOS 11. You need to go to Setting>>Battery and see if a certain app is consuming battery so much. If there is any app you hardly use and it is consuming battery like craze, you might need to disable them until they get iOS 11 friendly updates.

It may also be as a result of your device taking a little time to get comfy with iOS 11. This process could take a few days, so you might need to wait. But you can turn off your Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth if you are not using them. Also, try to lower your screen brightness and disable apps refreshing in the background (e.g., Setting>>Background App Refresh).

6. The home button is slow to wake the device up

Several Apple users have posted something like this after updating their old iPhone to iOS 11. Most complained that their lock screen freezes for almost 10 seconds, looking like it is stalling out or slowly load up before allowing them to use their device. Nothing could be more embarrassing than waiting for almost 10 seconds just to check notifications. This type of problem may resolve itself over time, as your device and files get familiar with the new operating system. But if this is still happening to your phone after a week, you may need to restore a backup of your phone and wait for Apple to fix it.

7. Your device is overheating

A phone can overheat for different reasons and the complaints seem to start after new software updates. Maybe it is the fault of iOS 11 or just that your phone is working hard. Whatever it may be, you can temporarily address the overheating problem by turning the phone off, keep it out of heat or sunlight and try to expose it to as much air as possible. Also, make sure you wait for the phone to cool down before you start charging it.

If the overheating persists, it may be time to restore to an earlier backup of your device. Overheating can damage your device, so be cautious.

8. Power button is not working

If there is a problem with the update and the power button of your device stops working, you can shut the device down in the menus. Just go to Setting>>General, and scroll to the bottom of the list, where you will find “Shut down” option. This is helpful especially when you want to restart or power down your phone because something is going wrong.

9. iOS is not allowing you to send email with Outlook/Exchange

Apple has acknowledged a bug preventing some users of iOS 11 from sending emails through certain Microsoft-run servers. The message they get is, “Cannot Send Mail.” If this is the case for you, you may need to wait for Apple and Microsoft to sort the issue and use another device to send your emails.

10. The new Dock at the bottom of your iPad keeps disappearing

You might be loving the new Dock at the base of your screen, if you’ve just got iOS 11 on your iPad. However, you may find it frequently or occasionally disappearing on you. You can bring it back by swiping up at the bottom of the screen where it hides when it is not in use.

11. Can’t use Animoji

This problem is peculiar to every iOS 11 users because no one can use Animoji right now. There is no fix for this issue at the moment. The new animated emoji that permit you to have an emoji mimic the expression and movement of your face rely on the Apple’s facial recognition technology, which is only available on the iPhone X. If you are desperate about using Animoji, the only solution is to get iPhone X.

12. Your phone refused to start after the update

An error may occur while your tablet or phone is updating to iOS 11 causing it not to start up. You may need to revert to the state your phone was before you tried to install the update.

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