How to hide your IP address

If there is anything that is becoming more and more difficult, it is protecting your online privacy. In most countries, governments have banned certain websites to prevent people from accessing it. Fortunately, you can hide your IP address to visit any websites.


Your IP address is what shows where you are and possibly who you are. But if you are the type that loves keeping your things private, you would love to find the best way to hide your IP address so that your online activities are not traceable.


Unfortunately, the government is finding more means of ensuring the banned site is not accessed by their citizens, which is why some VPNs have been restricted. You still have several options when it comes to protecting your privacy, so you don’t need to panic.


It is not only governments that restrict people from using certain websites, some websites also don’t allow some countries to see their sites. Whatever the cause of your restriction, this guide will help protect your online activities and help you bypass several online obstacles.


How to hide your IP address?

If you really want to bypass restricted websites, here is what you should do:


#1. Use a VPN to hide your location

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the easiest way to hide your location or bypass any website. VPN helps you disguise the origins of your connection by showing a different IP address to observers. You can use the address of any place in the world to cover-up your original IP address.


You can circumvent regional restrictions on services like Netflix and other services by using VPN. VPN also provide you with an added layer of security by encrypting the data that travels to and from the servers you visit.

How to hide your IP address


The Opera Browser is on the browser with built-in VPN, but you also have several free and paid VPNs like Hotspot Shield, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, Windscribe, TunnelBear, NordVPN, VyprVPN, IPVanish, WxpressVPN, etc.


Before you choose a VPN, check whether it’s been blocked by your country or not.


#2. Use a proxy server

How to hide your IP address

A proxy server is another method similar to VPN. The proxy server allows users to log onto their Proxy and browse online without revealing your identity. For instance, Amazon allows you to access any website with their proxy server.


Just like VPNs, Proxies are often used to get around geographical content blocks and people, especially in the part of the world where internet is heavily regulated.


Although proxies are good, there have been cases of proxies themselves tracking people’s activities. So some proxies can track your activities and collect your data. Nonetheless, proxies are still great if you are keen on protecting your privacy online.


#3. Use the Tor browser

How to hide your IP address

When it comes to online privacy, one name is synonymous – the Tor browser. This browser has been the go-to browser for many people that care about their online privacy. If you don’t want your online activities to be monitored by hackers, government or corporation, Tor browser is your go-to browser.


You can download Tor browser here. Tor is open-source, free, downloadable browser that uses volunteer servers to bounce users connection around the world and make it difficult for anyone to find out what you are doing online.


The Tor emblem, onion represents the layers of encryption that protects the data of users and brings tears to the eyes of those trying to monitor your online activities. Unfortunately, the browser can be a bit slow because of the many layers of encryption it offers.


If you are an Android user, you can download Orbot which is the mobile version of the Tor browser. It offers the same level of protection as the main Tor browser.

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