One of the hottest topics in tech is the video conversion. While many are searching for the best free video converters that can convert videos to mp4 and other formats, some are ready to pay for video converting software.


Whether you are looking to convert MOV to MP4, WebM to MP4, convert VLC to MP4, convert Avi to MP4 or to other formats, this guide will show you how to do it without breaking a bank. In fact, you don’t need to pay for it.


Unlike digital photos, which are mainly in JPEG format, there is no common standard for videos. However, the MP4 format seems to play nicely on almost all devices including TV, tablet, phones, laptop, desktop, etc.


So if you have a video format that won’t play on your devices, here is how to convert it to MP4.


How to convert video to MP4 and other formats

You can easily convert video to MP4 or any format if you have the right software. Fortunately, the internet has given us an access to plenty of free video converter downloads. So you can download video converters for free.


While some of the free video converting software are easy to use, others have more features and are not easy to use, which means you have to learn how they work before you can use them effectively.


To make things easy, most of the software allow you to choose the format you like but the MP4 format is the best choice because it works perfectly on almost all devices – Android phone, laptop, desktop, TVs, tablets and iPhones.


After downloading any of the free video converters we are about to list, you will be able to import your video in any format and even edit it as you wish. Of course, we also guide you on how to choose the best free video editing software here.


The best free video converters

#1. VLC

Most VLC users don’t know that the free offline software offers more than just video playing feature. You can actually use it to convert video to different formats.



To convert video to MP4 or any other formats in VLC, launch VLC, and click on “Media,” choose “Convert/Save,” select a video to convert, click on save button and give your video a name, click ok and the video will convert. However, you need to make sure that you choose the format you would like to convert your video by clicking the tools button to the right of the codec.


If you don’t choose the “Display the output” option, you will only see the progress bar moving towards your right side.


You can download VLC if you don’t have it already.



#2. Freemake

If you are looking for an easy to use video converter, Freemake is the best. It even allows you to convert just a portion. This video converter is free but if you don’t buy the Premium version, it will put “Made with Freemake” at the end of your video.


Well, don’t be discouraged because you can use video editing software to cut off that part.


You can download Freemake here.



#3. Handbrake

Handbrake is another great free video converter. It is reliable, but its interface is not easy to use as the previously mentioned converters. But it works well and great if you want to delve into bitrates and framerates.


You can download Handbrake here.


#4. Any Video Converter

This video converter is not amazingly fast, but it is very reliable and fairly easy to use. It is completely free and you can use it to convert just about any type of video. Whether it is MP4, MPEG, VOB, WMV, 3GP or any other formats, this software is great.


You can download Any Video Converter here.



#5. Wonderfox Free Video Converter Factory

As good as this video converter is, the free version is limited. It means it won’t let you output videos in 4K or 1080p. You will also not be able to enjoy batch conversion unless you purchase the PRO version.


Thankfully, you can still use its free version if you don’t like any of the above converters.


You can download Wonderfox Free Video Converter Factory here.

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