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It is easy to download YouTube videos. YouTube videos are made to stream, not to be saved on your solid state drive or hard disk. But there may be good reasons why you might need to save YouTube videos to watch offline. Maybe you live where the broadband is not reliable, or you stay where people still point at airplanes, and there is no mast. Or you might want to save your data because the video is important that you would want to watch it more than one time.

You may also suspect the video is about to be deleted and wants to download it.

Whatever your reason, there are numerous ways to download YouTube videos for free on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows. In this article, we will show you our best possible means of downloading YouTube videos for free.

Download YouTube videos for free with TubeMate for Android

download youtube videos

One of the most popular tools for downloading YouTube videos on your Android smartphone is TubeMate. It is quite easy to use and contains the features need without any hassle.

You won’t find this app on Google Play Store because Google is not keen on YouTube downloaders. So the first thing you need to do is allow your Android device to install and run apps downloaded from other places. Ensure you download and install this app alone and after, turn off the acceptance of the setting.

Open the setting and scroll to Security. Scroll down to where it says ‘Unknown sources,’ then tap the toggle to turn on the setting. Then visit the TubeMate YouTube Downloader site on your Android device and select one of the verified websites to download it from.

Warning about downloading APK files may pop up, just click ‘OK’ to allow it. Immediately you download TubeMate, run the file and then tap ‘Install,’ and tap ‘Open.’

With an extra frame around it, TubeMate looks just like YouTube app. You can browse YouTube in TubeMate like you’ll browse YouTube itself until you find the video you want to download. You can also tap the menu icon in the top right of the app, select ‘URL’ and paste the address of the video you want to download from your web browser.

When you are watching a YouTube video in TubeMAte, you will see a bright green button above it. Tap the green button, and you will see a progress bar that shows the app is “parsing the video information.” In simple term, it means the app is gathering bits and pieces it needs to download the video clip.

What you will see next is a list of formats. There will be video and audio formats with different quality and resolution option for each.  You can download the quality you want, but remember that the higher the resolution, the bigger the file. If your phone is not a high-end type, consider downloading resolution that is not the highest quality, because higher resolution videos will soon fill your phone’s space up.

Download YouTube Videos to Windows, mobiles and any other device

download youtube videos

This is the simplest method you can use to download YouTube videos to any of your devices. Whether you want to download to an Android, Mac, iOS device, Windows or any other device, you only need to visit the website on your web browser. Copy the URL of the video you want to download from YouTube and paste it in the bar. It will bring up the video and different formats; choose the format you like and download. Check the above picture.

Download YouTube videos to a Window PC

We have different PC apps to download YouTube videos, but many of them are dodgier than dodgy itself. If you are happy about downloading many clips simultaneously, Any Video Converter Free is the best bet. Just like with, you just have to copy video address from YouTube and input it. Select the quality you want and leave the rest to it.

If your ambition is such a high one, a Tube Catcher provides all the tools for pixel-perfect performance. It is really fast too.

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