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Snapchat tracks your location to serve your geo-location filters that you can show your followers, but recently there has been an update which allows your followers to see your exact location all the times.
Now that the Snapchat Spectacles  is here,  many people are worried because the new Snap Maps feature shares location with everyone you follow. Well, it is not as scary as it sounds.
It is clear that with this new Snapchat feature, you can’t lie about your location to your friends and family because your location is visible on Snapchat.

Am I using Snapchat Snap Maps already?

Technically, you will have to opt-in for this Snap Maps to work; good news, right?
To activate Snap Maps, you need to install the latest version of the app and pinch on the home screen.
After pinching the home screen, you will be greeted with notifications asking you to sign up to the Snapchat Snap Maps part of the app. If you see something like the image below when you pinch the home screen, you have not signed up to the Snap Maps.

snap maps

How to turn off Snapchat Snap Maps

If you have opted into the Snapchat Snap Maps service already and you don’t want it anymore, you only need to follow a simple process to take yourself off the tracking feature.
You need to pinch the home screen in the main menu of Snapchat where you can see what your back or front camera is shooting to access Snap Maps. Just pinch with two of your fingers here, and you will be pulled out of your location on the map.
Look at the top right corner; you will see a cog icon, which is the Snap Map setting menu. If you press here, the Ghost Mode option will pop up.
If you toggle that on, your last known location will be deleted and make sure no one can see your future location too. This setting doesn’t mean Snapchat would not see your location.
To ensure Snapchat can’t see your location, you will need to go to the setting menu of your iOS or Android device and make sure the app does not have any permission to see your location.
However, you won’t be able to use some features on Snapchat if you take this away.

How to turn Snapchat Snap Maps back on

snap maps
If you want to go back to the Snap Maps feature, you can do that by going to the same setting menu within the Snap Maps and turn off Ghost Mode. It will then access your current location and show it to your friends.

How to set who can see your Snap Maps

snap maps
When you are using Snap Maps, you can choose people you want to see your location. You can select particular friends or allow everyone you are friends with to see your location.
To do this, head to Friend menu found on the same screen as The Ghost Mode and tap on the people you’d love to share your location with. It means you can hide your location from people you don’t know and share it with your family and people close to you.
If you want to completely disappear for a little while, you can turn the host Mode back on, but remember to do otherwise to share your location with your selected friends.

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