ASUS Zenbook UX305FA review

ASUS Zenbook UX305FA review. It is very important to assess an electronic product not only on the basis of its specifications but also on the basis of the in-trend user demands. Among the mushrooms of various types of laptops including desktop replacements, budget laptops, notebooks, etc., only those stand out products cater to the ever-changing requirements of the users which primarily include portability, processing speed and quality of display. ASUS Zenbook UX305 is such an example of a blend of optimum portability merged with adequate display quality almost at par with modern standards.

Before embarking on the usual discussion on the specifications of this laptop, let me give you a useful summary of it on a utilitarian foundation. This review will emphasize more on how a layman, who is unaware of the technical details of such machines, should perceive this product and deem it fit for the use than a typical enlistment of features of a laptop. This article is aimed at helping the buyers categorize themselves into self-actualized costumers first and then see if the product is worth their money or not. So let the honesty prevail.

According to my personal experience with ASUS Zenbook UX305FA, it is a brilliant product for the normal office work, graphic designing, routine documentary correspondences on and off internet but honestly it doesn’t live up to the expectations of professional programmers, web developers and gamers. It is well-built, well-equipped machine for light-weight tasks but doesn’t efficiently bear the load of heavy tasks. So if you are looking to buy this product, make sure your usage falls under the category that favors and justifies its performance within a practical range of efficiency.

ASUS Zenbook UX305FA

Outlook and Design

The slender contour is one of the most attractive outlook characteristics of this laptop. But this doesn’t compromise on it being strong in terms of it casing. It is as hard as any of its thicker counterparts. Not only that but also light weightiness brings along with it absolute compact touch to this laptop. With a body of 12.3mm thickness, 1.23 kilos weight, pure metallic hood and hinge of the screen, and two incredibly unique colors i.e., Obsidian Stone and Ceramic alloy, this machine is a treat to watch and a delight to carry. When you put it on a table for work, this laptop provides an amazing fix to the surface owing to its rubber feet and a commendable level of elevation from the end of the screen in order to give you a level-based encounter with your eyes and to support a good sitting position on your chair. The area to rest palms while typing is amply luxurious and supports a good posture of hands on the keyboard. On the sides, there are 3 USB ports, an SD card reader and a micro-HDMI cable slot. A slight hitch is the fact that it lacks a micro HDMI to HDMI adapter but you can always buy that separately to compliment it.


ASUS Zenbook UX305FA

Keyboard and Track-pad

The experience of keyboard usage has been, as I would put it, “fair”. I expected more stability of the ensemble upon general strikes at the keys, as I fortunately saw in Del XPS 13 9343. Although the typing experience was smooth and my flow wasn’t hindered by any significant loophole, as far as I remember, but I expected the company to install backlights as it would have improved the overall experience of the users not only because it was needed but also because users expect this feature nowadays in all laptops.


Screen and Display

Having a non-touch screen and that too with matte is actually an appreciable feature because this allows it to be used in white light outside home and it also prevents eye-pinching unnecessary glares. The screen features are impeccably updated.

Except for  a few glitches in the contrast during display optimization and the slight grubby tinge in yellow and blue color, which can be handled by changing the settings accordingly, this laptop screen has a wonderful vibrant tone to its viewership.


Hardware and performance

Like I said earlier, with a processing speed and RAM as that of Asus Zenbook UX305FA, you cannot expect too much of multi tasking with heavy loaded applications simultaneously, but it is very much feasible for moderate tasks like internet surfing, watching videos, chatting with friends, etc. I observed that Core M still needs sufficient optimization for Chrome usage because internet explorer and Firefox gave me a smoother experience of surfing than Chrome. For those who don’t really have to indulge themselves in stuff like web development and programming which need a higher degree of switching between applications while uploading or downloading a good heavy deal of data, this is a good choice for you for a decent work experience related to daily usage.

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Battery life, Noise, heat and speakers,


A lot of websites claim it can run for 10 hours straight without a charger but the point is that it is only possible if you are not performing any task on it. When it is functioning and handling applications and internet, it boils down to one to one and a half hours. It heats up on normal scale as per my experience with not much of a noise. But it depends on the surface you are using it on. For normal use in lap, this will not pose any significant heat problems as it happens with all fan-less laptops, the hood of the laptop often gets heated up a bit because obviously lesser possibilities of passive cooling exist for such machines. The speakers come under medium category as far as their maximum volume is concerned.


This Asus Zenbook Ux305FA is especially good for those who are not involved in heavy programming works. Its slimness is something everybody will like and I think you will get value for your money.

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