Amazon Echo

To be honest, not everyone needs Amazon Echo. It would have been nice for everyone to have it, but most of us don’t have that $179 burning a hole in our pocket.

The Amazon Tap or Amazon Echo Dot might make more sense sometimes because they cost less and are closely identical in term of their functionality.

We don’t want you to spend so much on a gadget you might not need, and we have therefore come up with an easy and quick guide to help you figure out the one you should buy. Before we venture into the comparison, let’s take a close look at the Amazon Echo platform and why you should choose it over Apple HomePod and Google Home.

The first reason to pick up the Echo is that it is currently leading the pack of smart speakers. It has the most hardware partners, skills and as we wait to verify this fact, it seems Alexa understands more commands than the Google Home. The Echo also hooks into the Amazon Prime Music service and possess the ability to call other Echo devices.

Which of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Amazon Tap is the cheapest?

If you are on budget and unperturbed about visual cues and sound quality, your best bet should be Amazon Echo Dot. You might not get the fullest and robust sound from it, but it is cheap and can connect to any other speaker you have via a 3.5mm Aux cable.

For some reasons, purchasing the cheapest Amazon Echo is worthwhile. First, it is the cheapest means to get Alexa, the built-in assistant that can communicate with other smart devices.

The second reason is that Echo Dot has internal microphones which can pick your voice from any part of your room. This will allow you to DJ a party without holding your phone all night or jut a note down without picking up a pen.

The notable difference between the Amazon Tap and Amazon Echo Dot is that Echo Dot doesn’t have much audio prowess on its own and you need to plug it all time. Although Amazon Tap is not an immaculate concept but offers a few key features.

Which of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Amazon Tap is portable?

You should consider Amazon Tap if you are looking for the most portable Echo because you can easily carry it out and about and it has Alexa built in.

The positive here is that Amazon Tap is a decent sounding Bluetooth speaker because it has decent balance and range.

On the downside of the Amazon, Tap is that to get the attention of Alexa; you have to press the microphone button on the speaker physically.

If you need a decent smart speaker and a voice assistant who is ready to listen to you at any time, you need an Amazon Echo.

Which of the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and Amazon Tap is the best?

For most people, we would say Amazon Echo is the best because it offers always-listening artificial intelligence, excellent audio quality and it is not pricey.

You can just tuck away your Amazon Echo on a self without having voice recognition problem, and the audio quality is great.

The Amazon Echo is outstanding because it can easily integrate with different products. Because Amazon continues to update the Echo, you are likely going to see more integration with products like the Kindle products and Fire TV.

Just consider Alexa has warming up.

If you feel you need more buying advice on Echo, just drop your comment or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and we will do our best to help.

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