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Are you tired of having your packages from Amazon stolen? Or you are sick of seeing rain destroy your items? Would you like Amazon delivery team to deliver your package inside your house or car?

It seems Amazon have some confidence that the concept could work. The report from CNBC claims Amazon is already developing a “smart doorbell” to facilitate entry into your inner sanctum.

If you don’t like allowing someone into your home, they could deliver your package to your car’s truck. According to the report, Amazon is currently seeking to partner with Phrame, which already makes “smart license plate” that allow you to slip your normal license plate into a remotely opened safe on the back of your car.

What would happen if this means of delivering packages is achieved is that the courier would arrive at your car and enter a code into the smartphone, causing the Phrame plate to flip up and give access to a little pocket where you have stash your keys. You could also activate you plate with your phone remotely.

Immediately the package is delivered, the courier will put the keys back, close the license plate and everyone is happy.

Phrame claims it is trying to keep the process safe by permitting only “secured one-time and time-limited access”, and we hope Amazon is also working under this same principle as it develops its “smart doorbell.”

A deal stolen?

This is not farfetched because TechCrunch reported just last month that Walmart is already trying similar thing with smart lock company, which allows employees to deliver packages directly to customer’s homes, even into the freezer.

If you can trust a courier to walk into your home to deliver packages while you are not around, it is worth the risk.

Following a 1,001 US homeowners survey from last year, it was said that up to 11 million homeowners had their package stolen last year. The survey also claimed 69% US homeowners believed that allowing someone to deliver packages into their homes instead of leaving it outside is preferable. Allowing strangers into your home will open up other dimension of concerns ranging from your pet attacking the courier to possible more theft.

All the same, the choice would be yours when Amazon commences the whole thing.

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