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Rumor had it that the iPhone 8 will be the first Apple phone to have an OLED screen, but both iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus which might lauch alongside it are expected to sport LCD. However, according to two sources, Apple might be ditching LCD altogether in 2018.

According to Nikkei, the two industry sources said all iPhones launched starting from the second half of 2018 would sport OLED displays. Since Apple always launch its main phone in the second half of the year, it means the iPhone 9 would have OLED display, though the rumour source note that Apple could change its plan.

One of the rumour sources adds that Apple is looking to launch 3 new iPhone models in 2018, which would not be a much surprise, considering the fact that we might see 3 models this year too.

Don’t get your hopes up

Since suppliers might struggle to scale the production up in time, a move to OLED on all 3 of them is questionable. The same supply issues are likely to be the reasons that probably only one iPhone will come with an OLED screen this year.

In addition, the fact that another source told Nikkei that a complete switch to OLED in 2018 is doubtful and Nikkie information are mostly hit and miss, leaving us thinking the rumour might not be true.

But in case the iPhone 8 has an OLED screen, then it is likely that Apple will want to completely switch to OLED screen as soon as possible. So if this is not happening next year, then it may happen a year or two after next year.

It is reasonable to have an OLED screen because OLED screens have blacker blacks and are more vibrant than LCD screen. If you have ever used a Samsung flagship such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, you will understand OLED screen will make Apple’s great screen better.

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