Apple to ditch Intel processors for ARM early 2020 macs

It is no more news that Apple is considering ditching Intel processors for Macbook and Mac devices in favor of its own ARM-based CPU. Now it looks like Apple will be making the move as soon as early next year.


According to a report, Intel insiders and developers have privately revealed that Intel is expecting Apple to move to its own custom ARM-based chips in 2020.

5G coming to your phone this 2019

This is coming on the back of the news that Apple wants to make it easier for iPhone and iPad apps to run on Macs. Apple wants to make it easy for developers to build a single app and deploy it to all Apple device platforms simultaneously by 2021. To ensure this is possible, Macs, iPads, and iPhones need to run on similar ARM-based processors.


Intel is already preparing for life after Apple drop

While we have known that Apple is looking to move from Intel processor for a while now, Intel bracing up for a drop from Mac devices by 2020 makes it likely that we’ll see non-Intel Macs early in 2020.

Sure, the move from Intel CPUs to an entirely new processor won’t be easy, especially when it comes to software compatibility, but will give Apple a tighter grip on the hardware that powers its Mac computers.


So we may see Apple’s ARM-based Macs early next year. Although it may come with challenges, the company will be working to make it perfect. We all know it is not easy to move to a new processor because of the possible backlash, but the look of the thing is pointing to the fact that Apple will soon ditch Intel processor.


Perhaps we will hear more about Intel-free Macs at Apple WWDC 2019 event in June. Until that June, keep your eye on this space for the latest news concerning Apple ditching Intel processor.

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