The iPhone 8 may not be able to use its full potential because of rumors suggesting Apple may limit data speeds on its upcoming phone.

Bloomberg reported that the next iPhone might not be able to use gigabit data speeds – the next big thing to happen to the smartphone world – which boasts quicker download than the current 4G network.

According to sources close to this matter, the reason behind the decision is not lack of faith in the fledgling technology, but a steeped in drama caused by the ongoing legal issues with Qualcomm.

Qualcomm is one of Apple’s two modem suppliers who as started putting gigabit-ready modems in smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the OnePlus 5.

Intel is the other Apple’s modem supplier and is allegedly lagging behind in developing a modem like that of Qualcomm regarding Apple’s next release.

Well, instead of Apple to allow Qualcomm to put its advanced modem in iPhone 8, it is disabling critical capabilities of Qualcomm advanced modem to keep performance at parity with Intel’s.

No need for speed

The business relationship between Apple and Qualcomm is complicated right now. Apple sued Qualcomm recently for overcharging for its technology licensing. This prompted a counter-sue from Qualcomm for allegedly throttling their modem performance to match the comparatively limited potential of Apple’s other cellular chip supplier, Intel.

The report about the next iPhone’s modem seems to reflect the current legal issue between the two giant companies.

It is difficult for Apple to make Qualcomm the sole supplier because of the tense situation, particularly as it can lean on Intel for the modems at a suitable price and speed.

The gigabit speeds launch is not set in stone yet, so there is a chance that iPhone 8 users will not miss out much it does not launch widely for maybe another year or two.

Many phones in the market will be compatible with the gigabit speed connections once arrived, but consumers will not be happy if Apple would not allow iPhone to ride the wave.

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