Microsoft office for Mac

Microsoft just released the latest version of its Office 2016 for Mac, introducing latest online features that move it closer in line with cloud-first Office 365.

PowerPoint, Excel and Microsoft Word now feature automatic saving for your documents stored in the cloud – the feature that could help you avoid losing hours of work to a system crash or accidentally closed window.

Are you worried about accidentally deleting some of your document & having the original overwritten? The upgraded version of Office History tool reveals a list of changes and allows you to roll back to the earlier version.

Office for Mack gets live Previews

PowerPoint, Excel and Word now offer you live previews when you are working on a shared document. The flag icons show you exactly where they are working (Just like in Google Doc) and you can even see what they are typing as they type it.

Also, each app received the separate update. PowerPoint will highlight slides that have changed since last time you saw them so that colleagues can’t edit it without your knowledge, and excel also has a lot of new charts and functions.

Interestingly, Outlook now integrates closely with Google services, allowing you to manage your contacts and calendar within the app.

Office 2016 vs. Office 365

The latest version of Office available is Microsoft Office 2016 as a one-off purchase. However, when office 2019 hit the market later this year, the users of Office 2016 won’t get it for free; they will have to pay for it should they need an upgrade.

Office 365 is the same software, but payment is either monthly or yearly subscription. It includes additional online storage via OneDrive, automatic updates and ongoing tech support. All the new features of Office 2019 will be available to the users of Office 365 as soon as it is released because it is already part of their subscription.

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