DXTorrent may be the torrent site the torrent lovers have been waiting for after the demise of the famous KickassTorrents. When the news of the arrest of Artem Vaulin, who allegedly owned the popular torrent site known as KickassTorrents broke, the lovers of torrents were in for the shock of their life.

DXTorrent Page

The news was later followed by the order from a Chicago federal court directing the seizure of many official KAT domain names like Kastatic.com, kat.php, kastatic.com, kickasstorrents.com, kickass.cr, thecat.tv, kickass.to, and kat.cr.

Unfortunately, all famous domains related to KickassTorrents went down. Before KickassTorrents was seized, it has been enjoying World’s most popular torrent website status, making the list of the top 70 sites in the world.

Some people may not know what torrent is; don’t worry, here is everything you need to know about the torrent.

What is torrent?

You may have heard the word “Torrent,” used it or at least look for the meaning somewhere on the internet. Whether you have used torrent websites or not, so many people still don’t know what it really means. Let me immerse you in the basics of what torrent is.

The torrent in the tech world means a computer file containing metadata holding various information. The torrent file mainly comes with the .torrent extension, but it doesn’t include the actual contents to be distributed.

The information contained in the metadata will then be used by BitTorrent software like Transmission, uTorrent or BitTorrent for the actual distribution- which allows users to download torrent files to their computers with ease.

So due to the fact that the BitTorrent technology is so easy to use, most users end up unknowingly download copyrighted materials. Of course, many countries frown at copyright infringement and have been prohibiting illegal torrents via incarceration. But, that does not mean that all torrents are illegal. There are many legal torrent sites which you can use.

How does Torrent work?

To explain this in the simple term; a torrent file works like the key to initiate the download of the actual content. When you or someone wants to receive a shared file like documents, music, films, books, etc., you will first have to obtain corresponding torrent file – by either directly downloading the .torrent file or using Magnet link.

The BitTorrent software will then be required to open the link/file. Once the BitTorrent software concludes scanning of the torrent link/file, it will then find the locations of the seeders sharing the corresponding file. In the process of finding the location, it’ll attempt to connect to the list of defined trackers and attempt a direct connection. If the process is successful, the content will then start transferring.

Note: you can do a torrent download in fragments – that means you are downloading bits of pieces of the complete content which will later reassemble after all the pieces are downloaded.

Where to find torrents?

When users are looking for torrent files, they commonly run to websites like Kickass Torrents and the Pirate Bay. But some of these websites are no more, and new torrent websites like DXTorrent and co have risen to mirror the seized torrents like kickass torrents. Even though torrents should be a legal thing, torrents have over the year become synonymous with illegality because of users that are abusively sharing pirated content.

Importantly, you have to be able to differentiate legal and illegal content before starting the torrent connection. If you are looking for legal torrent websites to download torrents legally, just read on.

Why torrenting can be dangerous

It can actually be dangerous to download torrent because your IP address will be visible to other peers.  A lot of record and production companies do hire people to go in & report any IP address found downloading torrents in order to pass along to ISPs. Then ISPs will liaise with law enforcement agencies in order to prevent further download of the file, which may include incarcerating the users or operators.

One way to play safe when you are downloading torrent is to use VPN (Virtual Private Network) which would change your IP address and show you as anonymous when you are downloading torrents. It is vital to use VPN when you are downloading torrents to prevent your ISP from knowing what you are doing.

Is downloading torrent legal or illegal?

One of the commonly asked questions when it comes to torrents that, “Is it legal or illegal to download the torrent?” The torrent clients like the official BitTorrent client and uTorrent Vuze, are used in downloading huge amounts of data on the internet, and there is no question of how many of it is illegal.

What torrent download is legal and what torrent download is illegal?

If a file or an item is copyrighted and you are not the owner, then downloading it for the free using torrent is illegal. Downloading torrents via the torrent client is not illegal in itself because you could download the items that are not protected by copyright.

This varies from country to country because most countries have common laws against intellectual property theft. There is no way you can legally download an item, for instance, copyrighted music. The sap applies to a game, a movie and of course anything you want except the person that holds or owns the copyright decided to make it free whether permanently or temporarily.

Generally, copyright is registered to an organization or individual that creates something. The copyright time limit could be for the entire lifetime of the creator plus a certain number of additional years. So you can check your country’s law to be certain about copyright laws. Of course, your country may not have laws that prevent you from downloading copyrighted materials that mean you are free to download items using torrents.

For instance, if you are downloading a free Linux through the torrent client, you have no problem with copyright. But if you are downloading John Lennon’s “Imagine” from “The Pirate Bay,” it may be tagged as infringing the copyright and breaking the law.

DXTorrent pops up as the alternative for KAT

After KickassTorrent was gone, DXTorrent.com pops up claiming to be the mirror of the original KAT. Yes, it really looks exactly like KAT of blessed memory. The website looks exactly like KAT which was the largest torrent site and DXTorrent also features the exact popup ads and layout of KAT.

The fans of KAT on Reddit who are happy after DXTorrent news broke are talking about the alternative to their favorite KickassTorrent. But it is not clear if DXTorrent  is an old site that is the KickassTorrents alternative or it is some KAT mirror that revived the KickTorrents website. But there are alternatives to KickassTorrents website, which we will list in the course of this article.

Is DXTorrent.com legal?

The website existed as far back as 2013 and looked just like an Indian movie torrent forum. Users who tried login to the website with the original credentials they used for KAT were not able to do so on Dxtorrent.com. This DXTorrent is now redirecting to Deetorrent.com and has kickasstorrents on its main website. Well, we can say the website is trying to copy kickasstorrents maybe because it was popular or just wants to mode the site to mirror the late KickassTorrent.

Warning: Be careful when you are providing your login details on the site because it’s just the unofficial mirror of the real KickassTorrent.

Alternatives to both Kickass Torrent and DXTorrent

Wait, are you missing the almighty Kickass Torrent? Well, we have alternatives for you. But, stop looking for alternatives; the original creator of the downloading site is back with a brand new kickass torrent website. With the same design and many of the uploaders on this new site are former members of the long gone Kickass.

You can check the new site out at Katcr and it looks like the continuation of the project that died when Kat.cr was closed. The new site is using the same design as the original one and has the huge catalog of links to those files being collected by the staff of the former original KickassTorrent.

But if you are still searching for alternatives to Kickasstorrent, here they are.

Kickass alternatives that are working

Our selection of KAT alternative is based on the most visited torrenting site. Here they are:

#1. The Pirate Bay – This is the most visited torrent website

After the demise of KAT, The Pirate Bay is now officially the most visited torrent site in the world. You read that right; it is but, although it was famous at the time of KAT, it was the second most visited just behind KAT.

So, if you want to replace KAT, the most logical site to replace it is The Pirate Bay. It is a project that is not affected by the passage of the years, despite the demise of its peers. Although what it does is to move from one domain to the other and it is still alive now working just fine.

#2. Limetorrents – The best of the torrent network

Limetorrents unlike other sites in this list of alternative torrent sites to KAT mainly links to torrent stores on other sites. So it is a type of torrent catalog that can help you find whatever you are looking for regardless of where it is or the page harboring it.

The disappointing thing about Limetorrents is that it does not have a community, so if that is what you are after you had better try other torrent websites. In addition, there is no adult content here.

Warning: I would not recommend this site if you are not using Ads Blocker because when I visited it. The page opened advertising that tried to download stuff.

#3. RuTracker – This is from Russia

Reading the RuTracker story is really interesting. It started as a private site registration required to download and received pressures from the industry to close, became blocked by several Russian operators and forced to put pen to paper to collaborate with copyright owners.

Finally, the web admin decisions were fed up and rather than closing the site; they did the opposite by opening it to the public and allow all types of torrents. By this, RuTracker has made itself one of the alternatives to download torrents.

The website is entirely in Russian, but with a translator, you should be able to use it without any issue. It offers a large number of categories. Optionally, you can create an account which can use an integrated search & download the .torrent. Using it without registering, you will need to use Google search, meaning you can only get the magnet. But there is no big difference to the other torrent sites.

RuTracker is now one of the famous torrent websites because it has the community and variety of torrents.

#4. Extratorrent

Nobody expects the downfall of KAT the way it came, but people keep looking for the best alternative to the KAT. The famous accounts that went up to dozens of torrent every day and groups of the pirate scene are searching for alternative means of sharing files and have selected Extratorrent as one of the best torrent sites.

Even before Kat went down, Extratorrent was already a great alternative and hopefully now covers the small gap that remained. At first sight, the page looks similar to KAT but has different languages available and categories.

The way this site works has given it the edge as the creator of the site called it the largest torrent system. It doesn’t depend on just one tracker, but you can download and upload torrent from this site using any tracker on the network.

#5. Demonoid – The best private tracker that turned into public

Demonoid was the best in the sector of the private trackers for a long time, but it was closed down just to return with more force than ever and decided to open the web to the public finally.

You don’t need to register to search torrents here, although you can register if you so wish. Because of its popularity, it has attracted most of the KAT users. You may not find as many files here as you would on other sites, but you will definitely enjoy using it.


Of course, there are several more torrent websites, but we find the above websites the best alternatives to KAT and DXTorrent. We are not giving you hope on it, but it is possible that the original KAT returns one day.

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