Earth Day Tips for Tech Enthusiasts and Everyday People

Get greener with earth day


Earth Day is an annual event around the world, particularly in the United States. It is the moment to support environmental protection. With our earth day tips, you are sure to get techy even on the earth day.

When I was young, I was not sure of the importance of earth day because it had little or no meaning to me. Now that I have grown even to become a family man, everything about earth day is now clear to me that I felt I should have been contributing to the protection of my environment right from my tender age – nothing to feel bad about though.

Talking about major steps such as installing solar panels on the rooftop of purchasing an electric car is not the only ways to go green. Do you know it is possible to practice earth-friendly lifestyle without spending much money? In fact, you can just do tiny, easy tweak to what you buy or do day in, day out to help your environment and even save more money. In this article, you’ll be reading earth day tips that will only cost you a small amount of money to save your environment.

Earth day tips for tech enthusiasts

First of all, because we are tech enthusiasts at Todaytechnologynews and know that you love things related to tech, we bring earth day tips for tech enthusiasts.

#1. Use Rechargeable batteries

Hardly can we live without batteries, but these batteries are made up of metals and toxic elements like mercury, nickel, lithium and cadmium. It’s therefore, vital to dispose of old batteries correctly because if they can find their way into incinerators and landfills, the leaks that result from improper disposal could threaten our health and environment.

Thankfully, most of our gadgets such as laptops, smartphones and cameras come with rechargeable batteries that can even be charged on the go. Everything else like remote control, toys and flashlight, use rechargeable batteries. You can recharge these rechargeable batteries up to 1,000 times, which is even cheaper and eco-friendly alternative. You could purchase rechargeable batteries along with a plug-point from brands like Sony, Panasonic Eneloop and Eveready.

#2. Use LED light

LED Bulb for earth day tips

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) can last 5 times longer than those traditional incandescent bulbs, and 15W CFL can give you the same amount of illumination a traditional 60W light bulb will give you, but Compact Fluorescent Lights also contain a small amount of mercury.

On the other hand, LED lights can even last 6 times longer than CFLs; they provide you the same illumination in just 6 7W and they don’t have any toxic chemicals in their makeup. Without any controversy, LED lights offer a win-win solution over CFLs and traditional incandescent bulbs.

Not only will LED lights reduce your electricity bills, they are also safer and easy to dispose of. So you should save your environment by switching to LED bulbs. Seriously, there is no reason not to shift to LED lights already. Check out some of the best LED bulbs here.

#3. Reduce the brightness levels

Reducing your laptop or monitor’s screen brightness might look like a little thing to do, but the energy you are saving will add up over time. For those using desktops, reducing screen brightness can be easily done with the help of menu button on your monitor. For the laptop users, you only need to use the “Function” button on your keyboard.

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#4. Don’t use screensaver

If you are using screensavers on your PC, disable them. Also, in your Control Panel, click Power Option>>Change Plan Setting and click on Balanced power plan. Here, you can set your display to automatically turn off after certain duration or set your PC into standby.

#5. Use programmable time switches

time switches for earth day tips

Have you ever forgotten to switch lights off before leaving home? Do you kids need the light on before falling asleep? If your answer is yes, then you might want to consider programmable timer switches that you can use to switch your appliances ON and OFF at specified times. You can consider  buying quality ones here on Amazon.

#6. Cut down on the display brightness of your smartphone

For smartphone users, you can cut down on your smartphone display brightness from the notification area. Don’t opt for Automatic option as it requires the built-in ambient light sensor to work all the time. To cut down on certain colors and brightness, you could switch to a “reading” mode or a neutral color profile. These options are within Setting>>Display.

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Also, you can configure the power management setting of your phone to extend its battery life. You need to simply choose the profile you like to use: balance, performance or power saving. Most phones will provide you detail options where you can shut off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data when the phone is inactive. These tweaks will help you extend the battery life of your phone and reduce energy consumption.

#7. Control e-waste

One of the ways to dispose of your electronic equipment you are no more using is to exchange them for other equipment. Most of us still keep those unused appliances at home, but dumping these gadgets and appliances in the trash is hazardous to the environment. Our water can be poisoned with the harmful chemicals in those electronics if you bury them in the landfills.

Besides, incinerating them by e-waste disposers that are not qualified could cause them to release toxins into the air. Well, you can now recycle or safely dispose of electronic equipment…. Consumer electronics brands like Microsoft, Philips, LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have local collection centers where you can take your old appliances to and they will properly dispose it for you. You can check each company’s e-waste program from the product manual. Note that they are not buying it back. You can sell gadgets like television, phones, washing machine, laptops and more.

#8. Monitor your sleep mode preference

According to IT solution provider, En Pointe Technology, “computer use during off hours is a big energy waster.” One way to tackle this issue is to efficiently manage power and energy-saver preferences to ensure your device go to sleep when you are not using it.

#9. Unplug to avoid “vampire power”

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) said devices that are plugged despite the fact that they are in standby mode add up extra ten billion dollars in energy cost per year. The only solution to this effect of “vampire power” is to switch off power strips or unplug at the end of the day. This goes for not only laptops and PCs, but for tablets and smartphones as well.

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#10. Adjust your television setting

Many digital televisions come with Automatic Brightness Control (aka ABC), which if enabled will make the TV automatically adjust the screen brightness to room’s light level. So if you are watching the ballgame or “Mad Men” at night in your dimly lit room, the screen does not need to be too bright and it will make your TV consume less power,

Some smart internet-connected TVs also come with a Quick Start feature. Though the TV will power up faster when selected, the feature can be really wasteful because some TVs chug away over 20 watts 24/7 instead of 0.3 watts without this feature enabled. So you can turn off this feature if you can wait a few seconds for the TV to power up.

#11. Turn off Instant-on setting on your Xbox One

PlayStation Neo PS4 Pro

Xbox One game console shipped with the Instant-on feature enabled, which results in the continuous use of 12.5 watts even when turned off. Choosing the Energy-Saving mode can reduce your Xbox’s annual energy consumption by more than a third.

#12. Wash your clothes in cold water using the fastest spin speed


Detergent and clothes washers are made to clean your clothes in cold water effectively. This helps avoid having to heat gallons of water used per load. If you have the front-loading washer, choose the highest spin speed on the machine – it will help remove more of the moisture from the clothes. That way your dryer will not work as hard and you will cut drying time and also save money.

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#13. Don’t stream videos through your console

video stream for earth day tips

Video game consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox can consume 25 – 50 times more power when streaming a movie from the internet compared to devices like Roku, Google Chromecast stick, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. If you have Internet-connected television, stream your movie directly from the TV instead of using the game console interface, which is energy wasting remote control.

#14. Upgrade the aerators on your bathroom and kitchen sinks

aerator for earth day tips

If you are still using the older faucet, try to install a new water efficient aerator and you can reduce the water use by up to 40%. Just unscrew the current one you are using and replace it with the new one you buy that uses nothing more than 1.2 gallons per minute for one on your bathroom sink and 1.8 gallons per minute for your kitchen faucet. You may not physically notice the difference, but your water bill will tell. You can check with your water agency; some of them provide free, efficient aerators or at low cost.

#15. Get a toilet that uses nothing more than 1.28 gallons per flush

If you are using an old toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush or you are remodeling or an avocado green one using 5 gallons per flush, swap it for a more water-efficient one. Find models with Water Sense label because they are not only very efficient, they meet various flushing performance requirement. A family of 4 can save 6 gallons of water per day, simply by switching from the toilet that is using 1.6 to 1.28 gallons per flush.

#16. When the cold water ends, turn off your furnace

Just like several other modern appliances, furnaces which are also the central heating systems use electricity even when they are not operating. Many furnaces draw between 8 to 12 watts of 24/7 standby power when not in use. To curb the waste during 6 or more months when you need heat, just switch off the power to the furnace.

#17. Use smart power strip to avoid standby power

Conserving energy is good. To conserve energy used by some of your gadgets when they are turned off but plugged into a wall outlet/power, use “smart” power strip.

#18. When you are shopping for a new appliance or TV, look for ENERGY STAR mark

Next time when you are shopping for an appliance, just look for ENERGY STAR mark to ensure you buy the energy-efficient product. EnergyGuide label will be on all Energy Star certified products as these types of product can help you save energy and money. For instance, ENERGY STAR satisfied washers can help you save up to forty dollars on your utility bill.

#19. Don’t waste water

One of the ways to watch your money go down to drain is wasting of water. But there are many ways you can fix it.

First, take a minute to listen for the soft, “drip” sound that is coming from your shower or sinks. According to NRDC, leaky faucets waste up to 3,000 gallons of water a year. The organization is recommending everyone to check for a leaking toilet by placing food coloring in the tank and wait for 30 minutes to see if it appears in the bowl. If it appears in the bowl, then it is time to fix the leak.

You can equally check for water leakage by reading the water meter nobody is at home and no appliance is in use. If you check it a bit later and finds the number has jacked up, it could be an indication of a leak.

Well, if you can take 4 minutes shower instead of 8 minutes shower, you could save 10 gallons of water. But if you can’t do that, maybe you need to replace your faucets with aerated ones.

Having mentioned the earth day tips above, it is clear that you can save your environment without breaking the bank. The above earth day tips should help you contribute to the safety of your environment. So ensure you try some of the earth day tips above during the next earth day.

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