Fitbit will soon start monitoring chronic health problems

If you have ever wished your Fitbit to track your medical issues, then you will soon be able to achieve it. Fitbit has announced it has bought Twine Health and may absorb all its features soon.

If you have not heard of Twine Health, it is a health coaching platform which allows you to monitor any chronic conditions and enact “lifestyle interventions.” Fitbit is already providing premium services and adding Twine Health will only make the company stronger.

The chronic conditions include hypertension, diabetes and other health afflictions, while “lifestyle interventions” are techniques of helping you quit smoking, lose weight or improve your fitness. So, as soon as the company roll out new features, be ready to enjoy better services.

Extra Fitbit benefits

The new platform introduction into Fitbit’s app and services would mean it can expand its health offerings while combining it with weight loss plans.

But we are yet to know how Twine Health will integrate with Fitbit. There is already a Fitbit Premium service that provides personalized training as well as audio coaching and video workout so that the company may bring the Twine Health features into that service.

This is not the first time the company has bought another firm. It is used to buying other firms and bringing its technology on board under the Fitbit banner – the acquisition of Pebble was a big part of the Fitbit Iconic – hopefully, the process will be smooth.

It is expected that the deal will be concluded in March of this 2018, so don’t expect to see any new functionality or plans from Twine Health within the Fitbit service for at least a few months, if ever.

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