If you use a website or an app to download YouTube videos for offline playback, you may now have to look for an alternative, as some of the favorite websites and apps that permit you to download YouTube video seem to be shutting down.

According to a report from Betanews, one of the most popular sites that allow YouTube conversion, YouTube-mp3.org, is shutting down after it has received a lot of legal threats from record labels. The website has struck a deal with Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to pay a fine, close down the website and hand domain over to the RIAA.

The legal actions faced by YouTube-mp3.org and the punishment means it is possible that other YouTube ripping sites also face the same.

YouTube ripping apps also in danger

Following record companies legal actions against YouTube-mp3.org, Google (the owner of YouTube) has also started making moves to close down third-party YouTube apps. Apple has removed the popular ProTube app from App Store after receiving several takedown requests from Google.

ProTube was popular because it contains some features lacked by Google’s official YouTube app, such as an audio-only mode and background playback.

statement on the website of Jonas Gessner, the developer of the app, says: “I am very sad to announce that ProTube was removed from the App Store by Apple on September 1, 2017. This comes after multiple requests and threats by YouTube which ultimately led Apple to suddenly pulling the app from the App Store.”

Gessner said YouTube asked him to deactivate any features that were not on the YouTube official app. Gessner alleges: “YouTube wants to sell its $10/month subscription service which offers many features that ProTube also offered for a lower one-time price, so they started hunting down third-party YouTube apps on the App Store”.

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He also said YouTube is targeting third-party apps with takedown requests, so we should expect more of our favorite YouTube apps to disappear in the future.

If you still love to download YouTube videos, check our guide HERE.

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