intel vaunt smart glasses

Intel has unveiled its own take on smart glasses. It is called Intel’s Vaunt (Intel’s smart glasses) and the best thing about it is that where Google Glass failed to blend with the latest eyewear design, Intel’s attempt nails it.

Vaunt looks like the regular glasses we wear and it doesn’t look like Google discontinued glasses, Epson’s Moverio glasses or Snap Spectacles. There is no camera to peer into the world and no button to scroll through menus.

Intel has packed only necessary tech such as Vaunt’s essential sensors, battery and other useful components, into the sidearms of Vaunt glasses without enlarging their size beyond the normal size you’d expect in a set of gasses.

Aside the smart design, Intel’s Vaunt stands out as the only model which can project images through lasers onto your retina and allows you remain in the moment.

intel vaunt smart glasses

Intel’s Vaunt offers more human interface

Intel’s glasses were intentionally made to be a low-feature product and working to deliver essential updates and notifications to heads-up display as you might expect, but done in a way that doesn’t distract you or give others clue into you been more absorbed in the tech than the conversation you are having.

To a passerby, it is almost impossible to differentiate Intel’s Vaunt from any other set of glasses. The low-power class one laser built into this spectacle, which Intel says it is so low-power that it does not need certification is tech wizardry at work. The lens special layer reflects the laser into the user’s eye, splashing the image onto the retina. It is supposedly difficult to notice from the outside, aside from the brief red flash that can be seen from a certain angle.

The user of the Vaunt will see it project a rectangle of red text and icons down in the lower right of the visual field because the display is not meant to be intrusive. You will see it when you want it, and it will be gone when you don’t need it.

Vaunt provides you with information just like a wearable, except without the hassle of trying to take action on the info. Intel said while it envisions adding a microphone to the chat with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa, the real focus of the glasses is to make interaction easy.

There is no scheduled Vaunt release date yet, but it will be available for developers soon, so we are likely to get more detail about it soon.


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