iphone 8 rumors

The iPhone 8 price and release date will be announced on September 12, but we already know a lot about the new iPhone even before Apple shows the whole world its new iPhone at Cupertino, California campus.

Apple will debut its 10th anniversary at Steve Jobs Theater venue on September 12 and we think the venue is fitting for the announcement of the completely redesigned iPhone.

iphone 8 price, release, rumors and news

Hey, you need to know these two things before you get too excited about the new iPhone: it will be the most expensive phone ever released and that you’ve ever bought and the release date may not be soon as you have been anticipating.

However, the new leaks should make you happy, even if the phone will cost you some buck and there may delay in releasing it. Apple’s iOS 11 final beta just all but confirmed Face ID to replace Touch ID, portrait Lighting to enhance your photo and even something called Animoji.

iphone 8 price, release, rumors and news

Get ready to be wow by the big visual overhaul to the iPhone you adore. This is a great news for all Apple fans who have been waiting for a fully redesigned iPhone for some years now.

Since we have started hearing rumors about iPhone, all the iPhone 8 leaks and rumors have been hinting at huge changes. Apple needs to match the elegantly designed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 if not outperform it. For this reason, we expect iPhone 8 to be a phone like no other iPhone we have used or seen before.

But it remained to be seen whether Apple will call it iPhone 8 or give it a more significant name like iPhone X, iPhone Pro or even iPhone Edition and launch it alongside both iPhone 7S and 7S Plus.

The latest iPhone 8 leak

Until the launch day, we won’t stop seeing new leaks. The leaks are good for everyone and they are too exciting to not share.

The new leak comes from iOS 11 where a developer has identified several names than people had expected for this new phone. It suggests that the phone expected to be called iPhone 7S will be called iPhone 8.

Nothing is confirmed yet, so we won’t be sure of anything until September 12. But it seems Apple may be dropping the S variants and also surprise everyone with a new name for the new upgraded phone.

When will iPhone 8 be launched and its release date?

  • iPhone 8 keynote is coming up on September 12.
  • Both iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be released in September 2017.
  • iPhone 8 will be released either in September or October.

iPhone 8 Price

  • get ready to pay at least 300 US dollars
  • Samsung’s new phone costs $930, so Apple could charge you $999 for iPhone 8

If you plan to own the iPhone 8, prepare to pay big money as we expect the first release to be sold out in just 5 minutes. Also because this is a redesigned phone, the cost is expected to be high.

iPhone 8 design and screen: what you should expect?

iphone 8 price, release, rumors and news

  • 8-inch screen that stretches from edge to edge.
  • No home button or top bezel – it is all screen.
  • iPhone 8 is switching from LCD to a better AMOLED display.

iphone 8 price, release, rumors and news

Get ready for an iPhone with a 5.8-inch AMOLED display in a smaller frame. It sports a slight 2.5D curved edge which is not too different from iPhone 7’s.

Don’t be too eager about the iPhone 8 because it will definitely be launched on September 12.

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