iPhone X iOS patch iOS 11.1.2

For a cool device like the iPhone X that has not been doing well in the cold, the solution is in iOS 11.1.2, which fixes an issue where the iPhone X screen is temporarily unresponsive to touch after much drop in temperature.

We recently heard that some users found that the new iPhone X’s display would freeze up when the temperature is very low after walking outside, but don’t panic, a fix is already here.

The iOS 11.1.2 will specifically fix the issue of the iPhone X display becoming temporary unresponsive to touch. This is an impressive turnaround for Apple because of the seriousness of this issue. The fact that Apple is fixing this issue as early as this showed they feel the concerns of their customers.

We heard about this issue just one week ago, and it already now appears that the citizens of cities like Chicago can now venture from their warm homes into the cold, cruel snow with the confidence that their phones will be offering them small comforts.

Before the launch of iPhone X, Apple itself said it is generally not wise to expect much from any smartphone during extremely hot or cold condition. Apple said, “Using an iOS device in a very cold conditions outside of the device operating range might temporarily shorten its battery life and cause it to turn off.”

A clearer image

You might like to download the patch on your iPhone X even if you are an iPhone X owner who does not live in the colder part of the world, as the patch “Addresses the issue that could cause distortion in Live Photos and video captured with the iPhone X.”

Happy downloading the patch (iOS 11.1.2).

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