Lenovo laptop

Many people will love to have a laptop that can bend. This as prompted Lenovo to cook up a laptop that you can bend.

The electronic giant unveiled a concept for a flexible ThinkPad laptop at an event in New York yesterday. The device which is still a concept has a stylus support, conjoined keyboard, no hinge and of course, you can fold its screen.

Lenovo’s new flexible laptop will rely majorly on voice commands and be built with new screen technologies and advanced materials. But Lenovo did not mention the technologies and advanced materials they will use to build the laptop.

The laptop concept will be “always on, always connected,” work with multiple input methods and rely on what looks like artificial intelligence to feed you the information you need to know.

This is not the first time Lenovo will be dabbling into ductile devices. Just last year, Lenovo showed off a smartphone concept that also bends over one’s wrist like a bracelet and manages to stay on. Lenovo has also unveiled a tablet that can fold in two just like a book.

It could take Lenovo many years to make the flexible laptop a reality. There are some other companies that are working on making flexible devices viable consumer products.

There is a rumor going around that Samsung is developing a flexible phone and many think it would be Galaxy X. LG is also working on flexible OLED displays that can be used in different products.

It is great Lenovo is thinking outside the box and showing things that can be possible as technology is becoming more advanced. We hope Lenovo outside the box thinking will spur other companies to do something similar.

Though we may not see the foldable laptop anytime sooner, but we hope it will not be long before we see the foldable laptop.

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