Mexico wants to build its own hyperloop

It will dramatically reduce 6-hour journey to 45 minutes

Mexico wants to build its own hyperloop

Mexico is currently building a hyperloop that will enable people to travel between Mexico City and Guadalajara in just 45 minutes. They will name the transportation system Mexloop. The Mexican studio FR-EE will design the system and work with Hyperloop One to bring the project to reality.

Back in September 2017, a team working on developing the Hyperloop for Mexico that will cover between Mexico City and Guadalajara route was declared among the 10 winners of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Since then, their proposal has been dubbed the Mexloop and will collaborate with Mexican studio FR-EE and the two engineering firms called Sener and Arup.

The Mexloop will reduce 6-hour journey from Mexico City to Guadalajara to just 45 minutes, with the station built close to rail freight hubs and airports, as well as metro & commuter rail stations. This Mexloop will cover Queretaro and Leon to maximize the existing transport infrastructure.

Hyperloop One research analyst Darryle Ulama in a blog post wrote, “A Hyperloop portal connected to the city’s light rail and transit line could shift more travelers to environmentally friendlier options and strengthen the city’s transit-oriented development strategy.” He said, “Linking Mexico’s two powerhouse urban economies would bring transformative social and economic impact for the whole central region.”

If all goes according to plan, the Hyperloop One and Mexloop team hopes the system will have serviced 68 million people by 2020.

What is hyperloop?

In 2012, Elon Musk started talking about the “fifth mode of transport,” the hyperloop idea. That fifth mode of transport comes after boats, planes, train and cars.

One year later he published his white paper full of ideas about the future of the mode of transport, which uses magnetic levitation in a low-pressure tube. His paper is full of schematics and workings. The paper was written in plain English and anyone without engineering or technology background can read and understand it. The paper even encourages others to take the lead. The paper asked community members to contribute to the Hyperloop design process.

How does hyperloop work?

According to Elon Musk paper, the ‘pod’ would levitate with the use of magnetic levitation, or simply maglev, the technique which uses magnets to float the pods and propel them through the tube.

This proposition raised a couple of questions. First, when it get to the speeds that would be needed for hyperloop to compete with other high-speed transport modes, air friction in the tunnel would be great that the heat would destroy the pods – and possibly the passenger inside the pods. In addition, the pressure that would build up in front of the vessel could cause the tunnel to rupture.

But the problem has been solved by making the tunnel a vacuum, but the tunnel that is stretched by over hundred miles could compromise the vacuum if there is a single rupture. This means that the best solution is to reduce the pressure. The faster the pods move, the greater the pressure that build-up ahead. To reduce the pressure, the proposed solution is to have fans that push the air behind and beneath the vessel, which would provide an additional benefit of helping its levitation by creating air buffer, similar to the method used in the air hockey to levitate the puck.

Just of recent, Hyperloop One received $85 million to bring their plan, including the Mexloop, to reality. However, they are just one of many start-ups currently working to develop these futuristic pods first brought to the attention of the world by SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk in 2012.

Musk is also working on a hyperloop system that would pair with his tunnel-digging venture called the Boring Company. Also, HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) is in talks to bring the futuristic transportation system to India.

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