Windows 10 Fall Creator

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update is the next big update from Microsoft after Windows 10, has Microsoft announced it is coming later this year.

You might be surprised and ask, ‘didn’t Microsoft just roll out the Creator Update?’ Yes, you are right, but according to the latest announcement by Microsoft, the brand is not done making its operating system better for the creative types.

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

The new Windows 10 Fall Creator Update is equipped with Windows Story Remix

This upcoming Windows 10 build is coming with a new creative app – Windows Story Remix. The most interesting aspect of this app is that it allows the user to create mixed reality content. The giant company demoed this app by adding 3D objects to video and photos to help tell the stories users can explore.

If you have seen those videos made by Facebook; the videos that normally pop up on your timeline, you can also do the same with this app. The app is essentially built to help users to create shareable memories out of their videos and photos by automatically stitching them together. Users can also go ahead to add creative touches such as theme, cinematic transitions, soundtrack or even write and draw on them with Windows Ink.

This Windows Story Remix is also a collaborative app, which allows the user to share media. For instance, many parents could all shoot a soccer game at different angles, and the app will automatically put the footage together to create a highlight reel.

Users can also tell the Windows Story Remix to make anybody they choose the start of the video.

While Microsoft is yet to title this app, it seems it will be a great new wrinkle to Windows 10 experience, and everything is pointing to the fact that it will be perfect for Windows 10 Mobile and its smartphones lineup.

Fluent Design System

Windows 10 Fall Creator Update

The Fall Creator Update is also coming with Microsoft Fluent Design System, which will change the look and how users interact with the apps. Fluent Design will also drive engaging and expressive apps for a wide range of the device.

Also, this new design language will tackle input diversity. With the modern Windows 10 device, users can interact with voice, gaze, gesture, ink and touch. In simple term, Fluent Design hopes to create more responsive and harmonious cross-device experience.

Pick up and go

Talking about cross-device experience, the new Fall Creator Update comes with new features designed for those who love to flip from one device to the other.

Microsoft has also introduced timeline so that users can jump back into whatever they are working on. It will show users the visual timeline of their desktop to help them get back into the apps, sites, and files they were accessing at the time.

Aside from your PC, there is a Cortana which enables you to Pick Up Where You Left Off across the different Android device, iOS device, and Windows. Microsoft illustrated that one of the things Cortana does is when you are working on the PC, Cortana will ask you whether you want to finish it up on the phone.

Finally, Clipboard offers universal copy and paste to different Windows device and beyond. Aside from clipping web links and text, Clipboard allows users to transfer animated GIFs and photos from a Windows PC to the preferred mobile device.

So, we are waiting for the next big thing from Microsoft later this year – the new Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. Ensure you check it out when they rolled it out!

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