oppo foldable phone

There is much hype about the newly released Samsung Galaxy Fold and Heawei Mate X, maybe that is what spurred Oppo VP Brian Shen to reveal images of his company’s own take on foldable phone.


People already talking about the beauty of Galaxy Fold and how Huawei Mate X is awesome, but Oppo has also come forward with its own take on foldable phone. Oppo VP Brian Shen however makes it clear in a post on Weibo that Oppo will not be shipping the prototype devices unless it receives a lot of demand. But the pictures released by the company shows that its foldable phone is leaning towards Huawei design more than Samsung design.

oppo foldable phone

That means there is a single large OLED panel that wraps around both sides of the phone when it is folded, rather than being folded away on the inside. It also has a thicker bar on one side that houses cameras and other components.


Whether Oppo whip its foldable phone or not, this latest development means we are approaching the point where foldable phone will flood the marketplace. Samsung and Huawei may charge $2000 or more for their flagship foldables as halo devices, but it is clear that the tech is already out of the bag and you can expect a lot of foldable phones to come soon.


Particularly, we will begin to see a lot of foldable phones coming from Chinese makers very soon. Just maybe, that will compel companies like Samsung and Huawei to slash their own price too because a phone at around $2000 is really expensive.


So if you also dream of using foldable phone but have low budget for it, you may be able to afford one when foldable phones start to flood the market. If you don’t have budget for the current foldable phones on the market, just keep all hands on desk and wait for more affordable foldable phones to hit the market.

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