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We all know that Google is good at several things, but pipl: People search engine is better at people search. If you want to dig deep and find information maybe about your long time friend or just anybody, pipl: People search engine (pipl.com) seems to be the best place to do that. So you have a site that specializes in people search in pipl.

Spook and Reunion are the popular people search destinations many of Todaytechnologynews readers could easily name even if you wake them from sleep. However, a new player has been slowly and quietly making serious headway in people search, and its name is Pipl (Pipl.com).

Based on ComScore, pipl: People search engine in the United States is leading in unique user search and it’s also doing great internationally. How did Pipl pull it off? When they started, it was through the word of mouth. The people search is so good that you will be amazed at how deep it can dig information legally.

This Pipl don’t only produce links to all your social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, photos on Flickr, and blog mentions. The search engine finds whee your name is mentioned in public records, including birth databases, SEC filings and property records. It also looks for email addresses and summarizes facts about the person. You can try it yourself.

Unlike several other search engines, pipl: People search engine crawls the Deep Web. Here is what I mean by that: search engine that deals with general search typically crawls the Web just by following the links to URLs it found in other pages. But by contrast, Deep Web is made of pages that are not linked to other pages. Dynamic pages are excellent examples of these types of pages. It means if a search engine wants to index pages on Deep Web repositories, it needs to guess the possible URLs. But how big is this Deep Web? No one can really say but it is generally believed that it’s vastly greater than the Surface Web pages that are easily indexed by different search engines.

What the Pipl search engine crawlers does is to dig out Deep Web URLs and sources. Then the special algorithms they developed begin to perform the guesswork of possible inputs. Then the ensuing pages will be parsed for different types of images and data. Finally, with the use of advanced ranking and language analysis, pipl: People search engine floats the relevant part of the individual information.

Remember, all these can be tricky because there is no particular way to rate a page on Deep Web based on their importance, because no other page is linking to it.

Pipl is designed to search people by name, emails, username and reverse phone number lookup. When the results page pop up, everything will be on one page that categorizes the information in simple to read manner. Results are shown based on importance, accuracy and relevance, especially good for results on common names.

pipl: People search engine business model is straight forward: results and sponsor links, all in text ads format, displayed on every result pages – no banners, making it feel and look clean. Most of the ads if not all are linked to background report providers, which are relevant to the United States users than the international users, but revenue is revenue, whether US or international.

Pipl: People search engine

It was relieve when the five pages dug out based on my information did not in any way relate to me. I also found that although I made the search outside the United States, the results were US based profile.

The phone number search is open to only the US phone numbers. I am always careful about the data I use on the internet because there always looks to be a loophole. So maybe my attitude and stringent view to data could be the reason this search tool is not seeing my data.

Business search

Pipl: People search engine also offers business search. When I searched for local companies, I got interesting results aside from the location of the business. Comparing the people search to business search, it looked like the business search is a bit relevant and accurate and supplies a much better result.

The Deep Web

The Deep Web is Deepnet or invisible web based on the principle that most regular search engines will not search. It searches online database for the records of people.

Is Pipl: People search engine useful?

After comparing the Pipl search to a general Google search, the advantage with Pipl is that it digs deeper part of the web than Google. Google will be a bit useful for a local search because it throws up local data on top of the search list based on your location of search and I think that is generally useful.

Wikipedia give explanation about the surface web and deep web. A resource indexed by a search engine doesn’t automatically become surface data because another strategy could be used to find the data. So it is not easy to see deep web-based search selling point. The Pipl is improving everyday and they have rolled a lot of new features out that will benefit a lot of people, especially businesses.

Pipl also gets content from directories like Amazon, public records, and publications. In fact, it also suggests name variants. So taking a peek at this search engine, even if only to what it can offer or to see your namesakes is worth your time. You will probably get more than what you expect.

One other thing about pipl: People search engine is that if you search a person in English Language, you might get different results when you search the same name in other language. For instance, if you search Saddam Hussein in English you will get different result when you search the same name in Arabic.

You can get a better result when you search with two terms than when you search with only one term.

Tips on how to get the best out of Pipl People search engine

If the only thing you type in the search is the full name of the person you are looking for, Pipl algorithm will bring up long list of people using that name. If you are more specific about your search like using the person’s username or email address, you are likely going to get better search results because a username or email address is attached to only one user.

You may also use phone number to search for a person but a phone number may have been used by different people. Searching with phone number is still better than searching with names because it will return every individual that have used that phone number and you will just pick the one that you are looking for.

If you are searching with only the name of the person, you may need to specify the location of such person to get accurate results. But you need to know that Pipl is not a magic search engine, though it looks better than other search engine when it comes to people search but don’t be surprised if you don’t receive accurate results from your search.

5 extra people search engines you can use aside from Pipl

If you want to do a little sleuthing about a person, the web is a great resource to do it. Track down a phone number or an address, find a friend you have lost for a long time or verify information of different people on the internet. All of these search engines I will list here are hyper-focused on finding people related to certain information.

These web resources are free to use, especially for initial searches. Some websites will charge you for detail searches but are you supposed to pay to find a person online? Well, it depends on the type of information you are seeking.

#1. Wink

When you use Wink, it searches across things you would find by using regular search engines as well as across online profile, social communities, etc. You can also use this Wink to manage your online presence if you can create a profile with it.

You can also claim and add various places you might be active online and manage everything in one convenient place. If you need to find small tidbits of information from many different sources, Wink remains a great choice to add clues together about anything you might be searching.

#2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the world largest social networks that have millions of people visiting it daily, so it makes a lot of sense to use Facebook an excellent and useful tool to find people online. If you want to search for people you went to either high school or college with, Facebook is a great place to do it. You can equally search for work colleagues, non-profit organizations, elementary school friends and businesses on Facebook.

With Facebook, you can also find people in a certain geographical locations living in your area that you might not know, as well as groups, clubs and any kind of association.

While several people keep their profiles on Facebook private and only allow those visible in their immediate circle of family and friends to have access to their information, others don’t. A profile that is visible to the public allows anyone to find immediate access to someone’s posts, personal details, photos and check-in status. In fact you can easily locate anybody on Facebook as long as such person has a profile on the platform.

#3. PeekYou

PeekYou adds a great twist to the free people search engine’s world. It gives you an opportunity to search for usernames across different social network communities.

For example, if you want to know more about a person who uses the handle “Todaytnews”, PeekYou will show you everything the user might be doing on other websites. You can dig a lot of information up on a person using only the person’s username.

#4. LinkedIn

If you are looking for one of the best professional networks that so many people are involved in, LinkedIn remains the best. When you add your business profile to LinkedIn network, you can then easily pick up details about different professionals on the platform.

Signing up for a profile on LinkedIn will give you access to the profiles of the other LinkedIn users. This allows you to see where a person works, their former positions, who they work with, current or former supervisors, any type of recommendation such person might have received and much more.

Based on the privacy setting, you might not see everything that an individual on LinkedIn has in their profile. Also, if you register and create a profile on LinkedIn, the person you looked at his profile will know that you checked their profile. So if you are looking for a professional in a certain business, LinkedIn is a great place to search.

#5. Zabasearch

Zabasearch is another free people search engine that provides access to public records and information. Everything you will find at Zabasearch is taken from public domain information like phone directories, court records and databases. It is a really smart site to begin a search because it easily retrieve public information and show everything in just a place.

#6. Spock

Spock is a pipl: People search engine that relies on different sources and aggregation to dig information about what you are looking for. Aside from its ability to index information from several social networks and news websites, Spock has different notification options you can explore. Spock supports email notifications when there are changes to what you search and you can also subscribe to its RSS feed for whatever you search.

#7. 123people

This has even a broad reach, delving into public profiles and blogs to increase your chances of finding a person you are looking for. It is a strong people search engine and one of the features available to 123people users is the email notification, which sends you email when there are changes to the results of a certain search.

Having talked so much about Pipl and other People search engines, it is now much easier to find just anyone you are looking for with ease as long as such person has data on the internet.

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