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A few months ago, Playstation said it is working on the software update for its PlayStation 4 (PS4) and asked that users sign up for an opportunity to beta test the new features.

The beta period is here and we now have more clarity on what to expect from PS4 software update 5.5 thanks to the recent post. The people chosen as beta testers will have the opportunity to download the new patch now and we are taking a look at the possible changes they can expect to see.

One of the significant new additions will appeal to parents of kids that are addicted to PlayStation – Play Time Management. The new feature will be under the console’s parental controls and will give parents to set the limits on the time their children can play PS4, as well as how long they are able to play it.

Parental Powers on PS4

For instance, as a parent, you can decide to allow your child to play the console for three hours each day, but no play after 9 pm. It means the console will track the amount of time your child has spent on the console and cut them off after the maximum of three hours or if the clock strikes 9 pm. Your children will be notified as per the remaining time they have left to play on the console so that they can save and quit before the system cut them off for the day.

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Though kids may not be so happy about this feature, because it looks like you are depriving them the chance to sneak into the living room at night to get another couple of games, this feature will help parents save time and prevent kids from sleeping late.

Time-saving tabs and better background

Aside from the parental controls, software update 5.5 will give users a chance to import images from a USB stick and use as the custom wallpaper for a personal look.

Talking about looks, the Library UI will receive some changes. Two new tabs are being included to make it easy to track your installed applications: ‘This PS4’ and ‘Name/Avatar.’ When you select ‘This PS4’ it will list all installed applications on the system, while ‘Name/Avatar’ will list the applications you bought on your personal PSN ID.

There will also be the addition of a third PlayStation Plus tab to the library to help you track the monthly free games you have downloaded.

The Quick Menu is being made to be more comfortable and quicker to navigate in update 5.5 with an ability to access custom friends lists.  You will also be able to check media shortcuts – when you are using Spotify on your console, for instance, opening the Quick Menu & Pressing Square will permit you to control the volume.

Big treat for PS4 Pro users

If you so much hate your Notification tab, you will be happy to know that update 5.5 will allow you to delete any notification you don’t like to see.

PS4 Pro users will get their own new addition with supersampling mode update. This mode will give those using TVs with a 2K resolution or lower the chance to see visual enhancement from the 4K console.

When the mode is turned on, PS4 Pro supported games will render at higher resolutions and the system will downscale them to match the type of TV, meaning you don’t necessarily need to have a 4K TV to get at least something out of the latest console.

Those are the features that have been revealed for now, but according to Sony, there are more features to come from the update 5.5 very soon.

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