stylus (Apple Pencil) coming to iPhone

It looks certain that Apple would want to add support for the Apple Pencil to its iPhone, but if ever happen, no one knows precisely when it will happen. A new report sets the date at 2019, perhaps just in time for iPhone XII.

The latest report from The Investor in South Korea says its sources recon an iPhone with a digital pen and it’s going to appear in a couple of years time. Apparently, it will use a little different tech to the current Pencil, so it won’t be possible to use your iPad stylus on iPhone.

Apple boss Steve Jobs was against the use of styluses with any touchscreen devices, but things have changed, and iPhones have grown much bigger over the last decade. In fact, Samsung presently has a premium phone with a stylus in its range.

Apparently obvious

Apple Pencil has been so useful, and it’s getting more and more valuable with the new drawing and handwriting features added in the latest iOS 11 update. To add stylus support on the iPhone, a similar upgrade would be needed, but that should pose no problems.

In April, we saw a patent, and in August again we saw another one that suggested Apple Pencil could get an update to support the iPhone as well. But we will have to wait to see when it will actually become a reality.

However, according to the latest report, we won’t be seeing this stylus support in the 2018 iPhone range – so for at least 12 months, you won’t be able to walk to your favourite store to pick up a pencil-equipped handset.

You can trust us to bring you every detail if Apple eventually brings stylus to the iPhone.

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