The Samsung Galaxy Fold has made foldable laptops more likely

Despite Samsung’s latest smartphone that we believe could replace our laptops one day, there was not much to be exciting about at Samsung’s Galaxy S10 launch event. However, the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold which is the first Samsung’s foldable phone showed that the future is bright for foldable laptops.


There have been rumors from every corner that most of the laptop manufacturers including Microsoft, Lenovo and Dell are looking to create foldable laptops with flexible screens. Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable device that works perfectly as it promises is out now, showing the world that foldable laptop is possible.


You might think every laptop is already foldable. But what we are saying is that we could soon see a laptop with a single, bendable screen that acts as the keyboard and traditional display.


With the Samsung Galaxy Fold, it showed we are getting closer to seeing foldable-screen laptops.


How to work out laptops with foldable screen

We have already seen many patent drawing showing vague sketches of foldable devices before Samsung released its Galaxy Fold, which actually showed it is possible to design a stylish-looking foldable device.


Although we have seen other companies producing foldable devices, which are not yet out on the market, Samsung is allowing consumers to buy its foldable phone.


With the Galaxy Fold sporting a 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED (21:9) display that folds out into a 7.3-inch QXGA+ (QHD) Dynamic AMOLED (4.2:3) Infinity Flex display, it shows that this form factor is viable and could be used for larger screens.


Samsung also carefully packed two batteries offering a total of 4,380mAh inside the Galaxy Fold, which showed how laptop makers could also split the battery in a foldable laptop.



Samsung has not only proved that foldable laptop can exist with its Samsung Galaxy Fold, but it also explained it has worked with several developers to bring compatible apps including YouTube, WhatsApp and Microsoft Office to the Galaxy Fold.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has made foldable laptops more likely

The fact that Microsoft is working with Samsung to make its products compatible with the folding device, means we are likely going to see foldable Windows laptops soon.


There is a price for flexibility

The $1,980 price tag on Galaxy Fold means consumers have to cough out a lot of money for foldable laptops. That is hugely expensive for a smartphone – no matter its innovativeness. If a foldable smartphone can have such a huge price tag, imagine how much a foldable laptop will cost.


The bottom line here is that when the foldable laptops do emerge, they are likely going to be expensive.


We will soon see foldable laptops

Samsung has given us a tantalizing glimpse of what to expect with a foldable laptop. So we may see foldable laptops soon.

Even if you are not a fan of Samsung expensive flexible smartphone, the phone could be pointing to a great time ahead for a new generation of laptops.

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