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You will recall sometimes at the beginning of this year, a cyber expert managed to successfully stop the fast spreading WannaCry ransomeware attack on the NHS (British National Health Service), that hero has been arrested in America on the charges that he is involved in crimes relating to the Kronos malware. The 23 year old Marcus Hutchins known as MalwareTech who is from the UK was in America for cyber defence conference Def Con where he was arrested.

The US department of justice said “Hutchins was arrested in the US on 2 August, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada, after a grand jury in the Eastern District of Wisconsin returned a six-count indictment against him for his role in creating and distributing the Kronos banking Trojan.”

Kronos was the malware that harvested the bank login details of people’s account to steal money from their accounts. The Cronos malware was offered for buy on cybercriminal forums in year 2014 for the amount of $7,000.

What is the real meaning of Trojan

The Hutchins’s involvement in the cyber security community makes his arrest very surprising, especially to his mother, who said she had been “frantically calling America” in order to contact Hutchins.

The Guardian reported Hutchins was revealed to be working out of his family home when he managed to stop the WannaCry malware attack early this year. At the time, there was an outcry in the cyber community that the person that was hailed as a hero was doxxed (the term used to refer to the disclosure of personal information about a user) by the mainstream media who were commending him.

The 23 year old managed to stop the malware attack by registering a domain that the malware was trying to contact. He detailed how he manage to stop the WannaCry on his blog.

According to report, a court hearing will take place on Friday to organize his legal representation. We will bring more to you has things unfold.

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