WhatsApp will now allow you to unsend accidental message

In this world, we are used to living with our mistakes, but WhatsApp is now allowing us to erase our little mistakes.

From now (at least for some WhatsApp users), if you mistakenly send a message to someone, you will be able to delete it as long as you delete it within seven minutes. WhatsApp explains the process thoroughly in its updated FAQ entry.

WhatsApp told us it’s allowing this, but the truth is that you will be the only one to see the message deleted.

Until WhatsApp delete the message themselves, whoever you sent it to will continue to see it, which could be a problem if it is the wrong person you sent the message to or it contains a mistake.


The new feature is clearly labeled, so you will now see an option named “delete for everyone” when you select the trash option by holding your thumb on the message. So whenever someone on the other end tries reading the message in the future, they will just get a notification “This message was deleted.” Again, you will have to act within seven minutes of sending the message, else it will never be deleted again.

Update and wait

Not everyone will get it immediately, so you may need to wait a bit to enjoy the full benefit. It is a gradual rollout, so not every user has it yet. And for this to work properly, both users must have the latest version of WhatsApp running. Otherwise, you may hit the “delete for everyone” and still find that everyone but you can see it. WhatsApp will not send you any notification if this turns out to be the case.

Nonetheless, we are happy the feature has finally made it to WhatsApp, but it is better you play it safe and be aware of what you are sending before you hit send button.

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