The iPhone X is exactly the big leap forward that Apple’s phones needed. This new iPhone X is set to make the biggest impact ever on Apple’s smartphone direction.

The iPhone X is exactly the big leap forward that Apple’s phones needed. This new iPhone X is set to make the biggest impact ever on Apple’s smartphone direction.

UPDATE: it has gotten to our notice that some people are having problem of iPhone X display freezing in extremely cold weather, here is how to fix it. 

In fact, Apple itself is calling this phone the future of the smartphone and the embodiment of what it has been trying to achieve for ten years.  While the iPhone X is all about an all-new experience and premium parts, it is a huge gamble for the Cupertino brand as it tries to reclaim leadership in smartphone innovation.

Losing reliable, key elements like the home button, the Touch ID fingerprint scanner; introducing new ways of unlocking and navigating the phone – and charging more money for the privilege, which seems risky for the company that was treading new ground by dropping the traditional headphone jack last year.

But the iPhone X is exactly the handset we have been asking from Apple for many years – a world away from the old designs that those who want a new iPhone have had to make do with.

iPhone X review

iPhone X Best Deal.

Everyone is waiting to know if the iPhone X is worth owning, partly because it represents a new iPhone, and people don’t seem to care about the cost.

Is the iPhone X worth the hype? Will it change the direction of the industry where most of the specs Apple has put in – bezel-less display, face recognition and wireless charging – are n the market already?

Can Apple all this together in such a way that just works, and create the greatest ever iPhone of all time?

iPhone X Price and release date

iPhone X Best Deal.

  • iPhone X was released on 3rd November
  • comes in 64GB & 256 GB options
  • the most expensive flagship handset on the market

Discussing the iPhone X price is almost pointless – it is the most expensive flagship phone on the market right now, but iPhone users don’t really care about the cost.

But, while there is much focus on the technology, we still have to talk about the price and release date.

iPhone X Best Deal.

The iPhone X costs £999 / $999 / AU$1,579 for the basic, 64GB model. If you want 256GB, you’ll have to cough out $1,149 / £1,149 / AU$1,829.

iPhone X specs

Screen size: 5.8-inch

Weight: 174g

OS: iOS 11

Dimension: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7


CPU: A11 Bionic

Screen Resolution: 1125×2436

Battery: 2716mAh*

Storage: 64GB / 256GB

Rear camera: 12MP+12MP (both OIS)

Front camera: 7MP

iPhone X screen

  • Clear, vibrant colors
  • The best screen on an iPhone by far
  • Notch at top slightly irks but does not get in the way

The first thing you will notice about this new iPhone X is hard to miss: its new screen blazes into your eyes the moment you pick up the handset.

iPhone X screen

iPhone X Best Deal.

The 5.8-inch OLED display is by far the best thing Apple has brought to an iPhone. It is steps ahead of both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for a lot of reasons: the quality, the color production, the sharpness and the fact that it fills the whole phone’s front.

It is also using a new, longer, screen, but while it looks bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus 5.5-inch display on paper, it is just marginally bigger regarding the actual screen real estate – it is just stretched upwards.

OLED technology means you are getting more blinding whites and deeper blacks, so everything from the photos you take to websites you visit will look a little better.

Some will say Samsung has been using OLED screens since the first Galaxy, but Apple said it is only now that the tech is good for its phone.

iPhone X screen

The Samsung face sounds defensive, but when you use iPhone X, you will see its screen is incredible. It is not the most colorful or the sharpest screen on a smartphone, but it is crisp, clean and doesn’t suffer from terrible color shifts when it is moved around. It is a great screen to look at and that is what you want on your phone.

The term bezel-less has been bandied about doe the new iPhone X, but that does not tell the right story. It is true, there are slight bands around the screen edge, but they don’t take anything away from the experience – they give your fingers something to land on, preventing accidental touches of the screen.

The tech giant, Apple could decide to reduce these further in the future and offer users a more visually-appealing iPhone, but the experience on the iPhone X is still striking.

Regarding visual appeal, the notch at the iPhone X top is something that will divide opinion, and that is fair. Apple has taken out this little chunk from the top of the screen to house its new TrueDepth camera, and it encroaches on the display.

iPhone X Best Deal.

It is hard to notice it there in portrait mode, and the way the notification bar spills around it is great. However, place the phone in landscape mode and it is far more noticeable; it is an irritant when you are watching movies as if you wanted to expand them to fill the screen (one of the beauties of having a longer display) elements of the action were cut out by the notch.

iPhone X

While we are talking about the longer screen, the 18:9 format is something we have seen on some other phones this year, and in the Android world the apps are largely encoded to fill the display just beautifully.

On this new iPhone X, however, that isn’t the case, with 99% of the apps used packing massive black bars above and below the display, and those taking advantage of the aspect ratio displaying some glitches – Twitter, for example, blocks out elements of your tweets.

The problem with apps using the black bars is that the black bars make the iPhone X look just like any other phone from Apple – the screen is the actual visual differentiator on this handset, and you want every app to fill the display greatly.

The iPhone X new display also showcases a new feature for Apple: HDR playback. The iPhone X can show movies encoded in HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats, and combined with OLED to display the images that offer more depth and realistic color reproduction.

iPhone X screen

If you are watching a scene that has an explosion in it, the effect is outstanding on the iPhone X – like with all OLED screens.

But it is hard to make out detail in darker scenes in HDR movies – that is something you will need to adjust to. Compared to the iPhone 8 Plus LCD screen, there are times you can see less action, but if you compare them side by side, you will see the overall depth, richness and quality of watching movies on iPhone X is higher.

Just like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone X uses a True Tone display that mimics the lighting condition around it and adjusts the white balance accordingly. It isn’t the main reason to purchase the phone, but it is a premium little extra that you will grow to love.

iPhone X Face ID

  • Impressive facial recognition
  • Contactless payments are more inconvenient
  • Animoji is novelty but shows camera’s power

Face ID is Apple’s facial recognition system that came with iPhone X instead of fingerprint-scanning. It is simple to set up, with the new iPhone X encouraging you to put your face into view at the beginning: just spin your head around for a couple of times and you are ready to go.

iPhone X Face ID

That is all you need to do to unlock your phone with your face. As long as the iPhone X can see your mouth, nose and eyes, you will be able to get in with ease. We really mean it is easy because Face ID has really exceeded our expectations. We have used facial recognition on some other phones several times, and it is been terrible.

Apple’s facial recognition technology is leagues ahead of all others on the market now – it proved almost flawless in our testing.

Even if you are in low light, on the move or in a pitch-black room, you only need to raise your iPhone X up, look at the screen and you are unlocked, and it is the same for unlocking the phone and using apps. We were worried about this before, but Apple nailed it.

That does not mean there won’t be some required transition for existing iPhone users. There is a slight delay when unlocking at times, but it doesn’t get in the way. You need to be looking at the phone o make it work – although we were able to unlock ours at times while looking elsewhere.

Even if you are wearing sunglasses, it can work – as long as the infrared scanner hat is checking out your face can penetrate the lenses. It may not work in all cases, especially if the infrared beams cannot pass through your shades.

We’ve got some reports that the Face ID is not working fine in certain lighting condition, but we have not encountered any issue. However, in such instance, you may need to hold it a little closer or use your passcode.

A bigger problem is if you are the type that leaves your iPhone flat on a desk, and uses your thumb to check out notifications – you will now have to pick your phone up and look into the screen to see the updates.

iPhone X Face ID

After comparing the Touch ID and Face ID side by side, we discovered that Touch ID is faster than Face ID – making us wonder why Apple actually changed it at all.

Face ID is brilliant and more secure, but it is not predictable as ones finger finding the same spot time and time again to unlock the device.

We understand that there is no room for home button again, but there is no reason why Apple could not have shoved the fingerprint scanner onto the side of the handset, the same way Sony did.

iPhone X Face ID

Another problem with Face ID compared to Touch ID is when using Apple Pay. With fingerprint, you can instantly verify your payment, but with iPhone X Face ID, you need to double-tap the side button to activate Face ID, have it registered and it will be ready to pay. It is not hard to master – after the first attempt we were able to replicate it time and time again – but it is not as simple as before, which is annoying.

iPhone X Face ID

The iPhone X Face ID is enabled by the TrueDepth camera that is housed in the notch at the top of the handset. There is no doubt that the facial mapping camera is very powerful – it is really accurate – but you can’t do much about it now, as few apps have started taking advantage of the feature.

TrueDepth camera also facilitates portrait mode, where the background is blurred in selfies and it is excellent. We will talk more about that when we get to camera section.


You have probably had some knowledge of Animoji already, the feature enables you to create the emoji that is talking using the TrueDepth camera and your face.

It is really a fun system – you can be a talking cat, unicorn, dog, robot or piece of poo, among other avatars. Something that is impressive about this Animoji is the sheer accuracy of the facial mapping.

iPhone X Animoji

Whether it is a flicker of the eyebrows making the unicorn’s ears flap, or the raised eyebrows pushing the alien’s brow upward….. it is something have not seen anywhere else.

But it is a massive novelty. It is not something you are going to purchase this handset for, and you will even forget it is there after a few days.

And while you can share your video with friends in apps other than iMessage, it is not that easy to do. If your friends don’t have the iPhone X, you can still send Animoji to them, but they will want to reciprocate but won’t be able to.

This feature will really delight children, and we can see how developers could design some cool apps for kids using the front-facing camera on the iPhone X, but we are still waiting to see whether the TrueDepth camera will become a gamechanger or just a good piece of expensive hardware.

Re-tooled iOS 11 and its performance

  • It will take some time for you to get used to the new gestures
  • One of the most powerful handsets on the market
  • Surprisingly easy to use one-handed

If you have a recent iPhone, perhaps from the iPhone 6 upward, then you have probably already tried iOS 11, but it is quite different on the iPhone X.

iphone X iOS and performance control center

The main different here is the home button. This has been replaced by gestures. You can no longer launch the Control Center by swiping the button up from the bottom. This takes a lot of getting used to, but it becomes embedded in the muscle memory quickly.

To open the deck of running apps, for instance, you need a demi-swipe upwards and if you go too far, you will just access the home screen.

iPhone X iOS 11 and performance

To shut down the said apps, it is no longer just a swipe but a press and then a swipe. This does not feel intuitive at all and the same can be said of the new gesture where you have to swipe right on the bottom of the screen to move between the apps you recently used. It is a nice idea, but difficult to use intuitively.

The Control Center is now to the right of the notch at the top of the phone, with the notification panel on the left. This makes sense, and the placement of the two is preferable because when the Control Center was at the bottom, it was getting in the way of too many apps.

iPhone X iOS 11 and performance lock screen

But you are going to run into trouble if you are using the iPhone X in landscape. It shows that without the notch separating them, the notifications panel takes up fills up the bulk of the space at the expense of more useful Control Center, meaning you will need to swipe from the top right-hand corner to gain access to the latter.

When using the iPhone X every day, this thing is buttery smooth, with nary a glitch in sight (aside from the Animoji that kept freezing on us). That is the gain of bringing out the phone with the new iOS version on the market.

However, as we said earlier, some of the new apps that are coded to work on the iPhone X screen don’t really work as planned, so there is need to squash some bugs.

There is a very powerful engine at this iPhone’s heart, with the A11 Bionic chip running in tandem with 3GB of RAM. That does not sound like much RAM, but it is the biggest that Apple has ever chucked into a handset, and it reflects in the speed of use.

iPhone X iOS 11 and performance gaming

Looking at the Geekbench score of iPhone X, it is one of the most powerful phones right now on the market and it is only rivaled by Apple own iPhone 8 Plus.

Gaming on iPhone X is predictably strong – we are at the point that there are barely any titles that do not play fine on flagship devices, given the power under the hood.

The recent penchant for AR gaming, where games are played within a plain overlaid on the real-world surroundings, is an important part of Apple’s new method and we actually managed a game of machine aplomb (the game title already optimized for the screen of iPhone X, which is pleasing).

In summary, the iPhone X is the top choice for gaming. The only minus is that gaming seems to consume battery quickly, but that is not new from Apple.

Also, do not forget the excellent Taptic Engine (vibrating motor) in the phone – you might have seen it in previous phones from Apple, but it fantastically enhances gaming. You will get the real sense of machine-gun firing when you are taking the hits yourself.

iPhone X design

  • Feels weighty, but in a nice way
  • Glass back for fast wireless charging
  • A new premium design language

The iPhone X design is very much a mix of new and old. The new parts are obvious: the phone has a very little bezel, no home button and has a glass back.

But it also has the familiar rounded shape in hand – in fact, it feels like the iPhone 3G when picked up.

When you are holding iPhone X for the first time, you will sense that it is a premium phone. It really feels expensive, with its weighty steel rim on the outside blending with impressive curved glass all around.

iPhone X design

The silver version of the iPhone X comes in a polished stainless steel band, while the black one has a similar dark color that has been attached through the process known as vapor deposition.

It means its band color is not painted on….. it is inside the metal itself, giving the premium feel we are used to from Apple. It is worth putting this phone in a case or a skin if you want it to keep looking nice because after carrying the iPhone X in our pocket for a few days, we started noticing a few scuffing on the rim.

While it is not as weighty as the iPhone 8 Plus (X is 174g, and 8 Plus is 202g), the iPhone X feel heavier in hand, though in a nice way.

You will feel like it is a strong, solidly built phone (don’t forget it is still IP67 water resistant) – despite the fact that it is being glassed both front and back, Apple believes it has made the strongest iPhone.

iPhone X Best Deal.

One negative thing about the design is that the outer band gets covered in fingerprints in just a little time and its glass front and back will accept your oily finger happily.

While the phone’s rear is glass, just as on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, there is a different design language with the iPhone X. Every button is embedded into the phone’s rim elegantly, yet there is sharpness to each key that comes from them being machined in a certain way.

iPhone X design water resistant

The iPhone X feels surprisingly easy in hand. You can use it comfortably with one hand. It balances naturally in hand, with its metal and glass combination feeling grippy, and most thumbs will comfortably roam over the slippery surface.

You will need to drag down the Control Center and notification panel with your hand’s digits on most occasions, but this phone is a great mix of phablet-sized screen while also being ergonomic enough to use with one hand.

In term of the way Apple incorporated the speakers, you have to clap for them because they really did a great job. You can easily listen to movies without headphones. But you need to know that it has no headphone jack. It is annoying that there is no headphone jack.

iPhone X camera

  • Better in low light than before
  • Great camera front and back
  • Not the best in class, but came close

The iPhone X camera is similar to the one on iPhone 8 Plus, but with little differences. For example, both have a dual 12MP sensor array (for capturing depth perception or taking zoomed-in pictures in a scene) the iPhone X has a f/2.4 aperture, while the iPhone 8 Plus has f/2.8, and only the wide-angle has optical image stabilization.

Let’s talk about the front-facing TrueDepth camera, which has 7MP with some smart capabilities to make iPhone one of the very best selfie-taking cameras on the market.

iPhone X camera sample

As the camera’s name suggests, it can sense depth fantastically, so the new portrait mode can be used with the front camera to take great selfies.

Not only will it blur the background, but can as well use the Portrait options to change the lighting levels of the scene, or cut yourself completely out of the picture and place yourself on a black background.

The lighting alteration that permits you to add things like contoured lightening to your visage don’t actually add a huge amount, and most of the ‘stage lighting’ picture that cut you out of the image does not always trace the edges of your body and head perfectly.

iPhone X camera sample

However, when it works, the iPhone X camera is out of this world because it delivers stunning detailed shots, and while it is not the best smartphone camera right now on the market it takes natural-looking photos beautifully, and that is something so many people will celebrate.

Thanks for better colors and improved contrast ratios, those pictures look great on the iPhone X OLED display too, although the same pictures are a little brighter than on phone when you share them to an Apple TV.

While the iPhone X is not the first Apple handset to use Live Photos, the feature is improved in iOS 11 – being able to long-expose photos, loop or bounce is a fun little extra that users can share with friends.

The overall snapping speed and quality of the iPhone X camera is very strong, as you’d expect from flagship phone from Apple with the new A11 Bionic chip in it.

Low-light performance in iPhone X is also a touch better than in previous Apple iPhones – although it is curious the way the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus have different apertures, yet deliver the same kind of zoomed-in low-light performance. A phone using f/2.4 aperture and optical image stabilization on the zoom lens in real term should mean better low-light photo.

iPhone X camera sample

Instead of iPhone X to use the zoomed-in sensor for low-light pictures, it uses the wide-angle lens, which has better low-light capabilities and uses digital zoom for the best-looking snaps.

It is difficult to say why Apple improved the other sensory since this is what it is going to do, but what is important is picture quality and that is coming through nicely.

Some of the iPhone X shots are astonishing – its performance in low-light condition is really strong, although the slower shutter speeds lead to a touch more noise and blur. But it is difficult to fault the clear, natural and crisp photos you will get from the iPhone X.

The rear Portrait mode is one of the best options on the market, but it sometimes doesn’t find the edge of items it is trying to depth-sense.

The iPhone X video capabilities are also among the best on the market. With X’s 4K recording at 60 seconds delivering clear, fluid images, albeit the images that’ll take up a fair bit of space on your phone. As a videographer, if you are thinking of using iPhone X, you will probably want to go for 256GB capacity option, as there is no way you can expand the storage.

iPhone X battery

  • Nice wireless charging feature
  • Charge from dead to 100 percent in 2hr 15
  • Another iPhone average battery performance

The iPhone X battery has 2716mAh capacity, making it larger than that of iPhone 8 Plus. That is quite a big power cell from Apple, but if you consider the fact that the X has a larger screen with more pixel to power, it makes a lot of sense.

While the iPhone X battery is not mind-blowing, it is certainly better than most iPhone of old – it is more than acceptable.

iPhone X battery

In some heavy testing, we were able to run down the iPhone X battery in just 12 hours. But this includes listening to Bluetooth music on Spotify, 30 minutes of trying HDR mode on Netflix, taking sample images with the camera, testing Face ID over and over, playing some games and using a portable hotspot on a train.

The next day was better because we put a lighter load on it, but still spending a lot of time testing it. The fact that the iPhone X was able to hold on for 35 minutes while watching movies with just 5% battery is also impressive.

But when this new device was put to lighter use, we were at 25% by midnight and it only lost 5% battery life before the morning. So if you have ever complained of iPhone that quickly drains your battery, you will be pleased with what the iPhone X has to offer here.

Based on data we have gathered from testing the iPhone X, we have found that it will last for 18 hours per day, even with some heavier usage like browsing the internet, WhatsApp, Bluetooth streaming and Facebook.

The reason the iPhone X seems to perform better than expected is the screen – the OLED technology is very effective at sucking less battery.

The iPhone X came with wireless charging which is not a new feature because it has already debuted with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you invest in wireless charging for both home and office, you will rarely run out of battery because you just have to drop it on the thing when you are not using it.

Bixby 2.0 is Samsung’s way of toppling Amazon’s Alexa

You can also purchase a USB-C Lightning cable and block for fast charging capabilities – you can get 50% battery from 30 minutes of power – but you’ll have to cough out $75 /  £75 / AU$100 to get it….. which is pricey for a chance to quickly power up your device.

So if you ask “does the iPhone X have good battery life?” We can say it is pretty good, especially if you consider the fact that Apple iPhones of old have battery issues.


Premium, strong design

Great screen

TrueDepth camera is powerful


Metal rim can scuff without case

This is the most expensive flagship handset around


Let us get one thing right first; the iPhone X is not a handset for Android fans. This phone is for someone who is entrenched in the iPhone world and doesn’t want to leave.

The iPhone X is the phone we have been expecting from Apple, especially to get excited about something new. And we can say the iPhone X is a thing to be excited about.

Get the iPhone X Best Deal.

Apple has got things almost completely right with the iPhone X, fusing all it’s learned from its previous handset together to make a device that is like nothing the brand has ever produced.

In our opinion, the iPhone X has taken a whole new direction, offering you something the iOS world has never had before. We are not happy it has taken this long to see an OLED screen on an Apple handset, but we have now got one on the iPhone X.

The raw power, the selfie camera, the well-implemented Face ID and the all-new screen shape combine impressively to bring a new direction to iPhone.

Get the iPhone X Best Deal.

As Apple claimed, the iPhone X is the future of smartphones. The iPhone X is truly the Apple phone of the future, and everything else it has made is history.

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