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Apple Airpods was announced alongside iPhone 7s in September 2016 and hit the shops in December 2016. But are the Apple Airpods good to justify their price tag? Continue reading this review to find out our answer.

Apple Airpods review: The Design and Build quality

The Airpods look just like the traditional Apple earbuds, except for the fact that they cut off a couple of inches below the bud. The Airpods dangle down from your ears just like detachable heads from an electric toothbrush or weird futuristic earrings – but the protruding bit provides you something to tap when you want to activate the Siri. Though it’s an unusual look, you will still like it.

AirPods review
The first thing people asked about the Airpods is that: do the Airpods really stay in your ears? Of course, you may have to take off the Airpods may from your ear when you are rushing down to catch a train; they can actually drop off your ear if you are not careful.
Well, your mileage may be different, but we found the Airpods pretty solid on this front. The Airpods stay in the ear while jumping and running around listening to music, but you may have to adjust them now and then. This is because they tend to grow loose while you are jumping and running.
The Airpods are the same in design as the wired EarPods. You can decide to use EarPods for a few days before you decide whether it is right to buy the Airpods. Most people prefer a more secure earphones – it is your choice. It is comfortable to wear the Airpods and you can easily remove them.
It is also worth mentioning that there are no physical media controls on the earphones, with the consumers requiring the use of Siri to control playback.
The Airpods come with a little charging case. You can use them for 5 hours before you will need to charge them again. If you discover their batteries are weak, you can charge them with quick charging technology by putting them in the case. According to Apple, the case can offer about 24hrs of battery life before you need to recharge it.

apple airpods review
The built-in LED will show real time battery life. The green indicates a full or near to a full battery, while orange indicates the battery is going down and the red indicating the need to charge the can also check the battery life on the connected iOS device as well as the case itself. This will allow you to manage the battery life with ease.
The AirPods charging case will fit into the small compartment of your jeans pocket, i.e. you can take it wherever you go. The best part of it is that when you open the case, the Blootooth connection will be initiated automatically with your iPhone (if it uses iOS 10 or later). The auto-pairing is quite impressive, although it is not working with iPads and Apple have refused to explain why.
Once your phone and the Airpods are connected for the first time, the Airpods will automatically connect to any of your device running iOS 10 or your Macs running macOS Sierra. This wireless earphone is a great all-round device that provides a great experience.
There is great news for those of you who don’t like the current look of the Airpods. ColorWare, a US-based company, can customize the earphones for you. But it doesn’t come cheap; it will cost you $289 for the earphones and an additional $30 for the charging case.

Airpod Review: Features

The Airpods can detect when you take the earphones off your ear and pause the music. This is made possible by the built-in motion accelerometer and optical sensors. Once you put the earphones back in your ears, the music will resume automatically.
Never worry, the earphone will not hang up on your call even if you take one out of your ear – the conversation will continue through the second one. If you take one of the earphones out for long, the music will not resume.

AirPods review_ Apple's AirPods bring true intelligence to wireless earbuds
You can activate Siri on the device by double tapping (Siri is the only button you will find on the Airpods). If you don’t like to use Siri to control your media playback and volume, you can use your iPhone. It is also important to know that Siri needs internet connection o work, making it useless when you are on a plane and environments with low-to-signal.
It is great news that Siri has proven to be accurate unless you are in a noisy environment. We have used Siri several times, and we can confirm they are very accurate.
Taking calls
The smart microphone technology inclusion within the Airpods is an addition to Siri. So users can take phone calls on-the-fly. We have tried calling people in different environments, and even in a noisy environment, the recipient was not aware we were using Airpods for the call. Except you are in an extremely noisy environment, the quality is quite similar to that of iPhone.

Airpod review: Audio Quality

Here is the question people are asking: is the Airpods sound good enough to justify the high price tag? The answer in one word, yes.
As long as the wireless earphones are properly in your ears, they sound really good. But when they are a little loose, you lose a bit of quality. They produced great and impressive levels of bass when we used them.
The Apple Airpods are also the first wireless Bluetooth earphone we used that did not drop out. Despite all these praises, it is important to tell you that Airpods have zero noise cancellation. So, if you were expecting it, be warned especially in a very noisy environment, you can almost hear the environmental noise.

Airpod price

Apple’s Airpods cost $197, and the earphone is selling fast. You can buy your own at the best rate. Get the best deal at Amazon now.

Our Verdict

We are really impressed with Apple’s Airpods. The sound quality is outstanding, the auto pause/play is excellent, the Siri controls accuracy is excellent, and the call quality is incredible. When you compare it with other wireless earphones in the market, it succeeded where others have failed. The earphone is not expensive considering competitors like Earin charging a similar price for their dumb wireless earphones that have no media controls or a built-in microphone. If you are ready to buy the Apple wireless earphone, you can get the best deal on Amazon.
We don’t monopolize things here. Let us know what you think about the Airpods.
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