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Free video editors have become a big step up from the popular Window Movie Maker. Video editing has become more popular because virtually all businesses believe the video is now important in business. Yes, people are attracted to and tend to believe visual material nowadays. In order to save money, there are different quality free video editors out there that you can use. But since there are too many free video editors out there, it may be difficult to select the best.

So if you are looking for the best free video editors that are really user-friendly, we have whistle all available video editors down to only 10.

Whatever type of video you are making, the following are the best free video editors for your use.

1. Lightworks

top free video editors

Lightworks is the best free video editor that has put the professional-quality video editing tools within reach of everyone.

Lightwork is not just a simple tool for cutting clips because its pro version has been used to create popular movies such as Road to Perdition and The King’s Speech.

As expected, you won’t be able to master this powerful video editor overnight, but you shouldn’t hold any grudge against it because of that.

We reckon that the description of Lightwork, which is “the professional video editor for everyone,” is a fair summary of the Lightwork. Despite the fact that it’s powerful video editor, it will run nicely on fairly modest hardware and handles video capture with advanced editing with aplomb.

If you have used other free video editors, you will discover the interface of Lightwork is a little different to those you have used before. But you can easily arrange the controls and windows to create an interface that will suit your way of working.


Download Lightwork here

2. Windows Movie Maker

top free video editors

Windows Movie Maker is one of the best free video editors, and the user can make movies by drag-and-drop. Movie Maker contains features like video effects, audio track, Auto Movie, video transition, adding titles/credits and timeline narration. What’s more, you can add transition and new effect and can also modify the existing ones using XML code.

Download Window Live Movie Maker here

3. VideoPad Video Editor

best free video editors

Free video editors can either be limited in term of service and simple to use or time-consuming to learn. With VideoPad video editor, you don’t have to worry about the two problems because it’s a powerful editing tool that you can navigate easily, even if you have not used something similar in the past.

Its ease of use plays a huge part in its appeal, but we are recommending it because it offers a sheer range of tools. It may not have all the features you need, but it is easy to use.

You can work with the image you capture from a connected camcorder or video footage that is already on your hard drive. You will be able to make use of a plethora of both video and audio editing tools (transition, sequencing, effects and more).

Download VideoPad here

4. VirtualDub

top free video editors

VirtualDub video editing tool is powerful software that has amazing features like video splitting, the addition of audio track and compression. This video editor has batch-processing capabilities to deal with huge numbers of files, and you can also extend it with third-party video filter

Download VirtualDub video editor here.

5. Wax

best free video editors

This tool I a flexible and high-performance video editing program which is excellent for both professional and home users. You can use it as a plug-in to other video editors or as a stand-alone application.

Download Wax here

6. Shotcut

best free video editors

Shotcut is another professional-looking free video editor with the unusual interface. It requires a little patience to master it, but you will love it after mastering it.

To start with, Shotcut interface may seem a little stark. You need to choose editing mode and tools you’d love to use after loading a video.

There is no doubt that Shotcut has a steep learning curve, but you can achieve the impressive result by applying one of its several filters to your video. If you are willing to invest your time, you will reap the rewards.

Download Shotcut here

7. VSDC free video editor

best free video editors

VSDC free video editor offers a gig array of effects and filters that can help you enhance your footage. Both manual and wizard options in VSDC will suit beginners and more advanced users.

You can get superb results with VSDC. Because it is a non-linear video editor, it works in a different way to many of the similar tools, allowing you to position clips and many other elements on the timeline wherever you want and edit them right there.

With this editing tool ability not only to work with multiple transitions and scenes but also add text and sprites to videos, you can make a professional-quality movie if you can stick with VSDC’s odd way of the unusual interface.

With the latest version of VSDC, you can enjoy additional artistic effects, which includes smoke. You can also export to Instagram.

Download VSDC here

8. Avidemux

best free video editors

One thing you need to know about Avidemux is that it won’t help you to create the next Star Wars or help you become the master movie producer. Instead, it contains essential tools for everyday video editing. It covers basics such as trimming footage, applying filters and effects, converting formats and appending one clip to another.

Even though Avidemux is not the most powerful free video editor out there, it is not a pared-back Window Movie Maker style affair either. Before you go hunting for a more advanced editing tool, you can spend some time perusing Avidemux menus, and you will be impressed.

Download Avidemux here.

9. Blender

best free video editors

This is a free open source 3D content creation, and it supports every major operating systems under GNU General Public License. This editing tool has several advanced features including powerful character animation tools, modifier-based modeling tools, a node-based material, etc. It is one of the best free video editors for both Mac and Windows.

Download Blender here.

10. ZS4 Video Editor

best free video editors

This is another outstanding free video editing and compositing tool that offers media expert a facility to combine video, photo and audio files into one or more output files.

Download ZS4 here.


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