Avast Safezone Browser Review

Avast Safezone Browser Software is a Chromium Web Browser introduced with Free Anti-virus from Avast as a component. Most times, Avast SafeZone is misspelled as Safe Zone, but all the same, it is a free browser from Avast running on Chromium engine. The Safe Zone comes as a component (not the main application) with all Avast antivirus versions (Internet Security, Pro Antivirus, Premier and Free Antivirus) available on all Windows computers.

Never before has it been easy for people to have access to information or conduct personal business like purchasing goods and services and banking finance. However, the risk of falling victim to thieves and criminals comes with most of the latest technology. Some criminals always try their best to game the system and take advantage of people. As we all know, technology is a double-edged sword, cheats and crooks can steal important information in order to assume your identity or savings. It is important people remain vigilant and protect themselves with the very latest in security technology.

Well, Avast has provided a solution to the security issue by providing Avast SafeZone Browser. It is a free browser using a Chromium engine.

Avast claims this browser is the most secure browser currently on the market. Is that? We shall find out soon.

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SafeZone browser is the replacement for the old SafeZone feature within Avast paid products and the best part of it is that it is completely free and available to everyone. The most significant benefit of using Avast SafeZone browser is that it has Pay Mode for all private online transactions whether shopping or banking. Not only that, but it also has important built-in plugins such as Video Downloader, Passwords, Do-Not-Track and Ad Blocker. Unfortunately, installing any other add-ons or plugins is not possible because of security risks.

Of course, it has a modern and clean design, but that is not surprising. See Avast SafeZone browser main page below.

avast safezone browser

Avast SafeZone key features

  • Video Downloader is integrated for video downloading from Vimeo, YouTube, etc. It is pre-installed, built-in plugin that will make audio and video content downloading from your favorite sites like Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, etc. save and easy. You can download in To download, hover over the video until the orange icon shows, just click on it and your video will start downloading to your computer and you’ll be able to play it offline.
  • Top notch security provided by integrated anti-phishing scan and anti-malware shield. Malware are software designed to invade and infect your computer. Few examples of malware are phishing, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, etc. Hackers use these types of programs to steal money, passwords or to lock the user out of their systems. But with this browser, you can securely browse the internet and enter your details.
  • Ad Blocker plugin excellently integrated for convenient browsing without intrusive advertisements. No setup is required. After downloading it, just start your browsing session and allow the ad blocker to do its thing. If you want to view the number of ad blocker, just view the icon in the navigation panel. If you don’t need the ads blocker or you want to customize it to allow ads for some certain sites, or you want a specific ad element on a certain page, you can easily set it that way.
  • Bank Mode is available to make online transactions like shopping and banking safe and easy. You can open websites in a specialized mode that provides security for commercial and financial transactions while protecting yourself from hazardous Before, it is called Pay Mode. The feature offers a sandbox or virtual desktop, which acts as a safe computer within your computer. It is configured to trigger when you visit banking sites. In some cases, some may not trigger Bank Mode automatically; just click on the credit card icon and it will allow you to add websites to the list.
  • SafePrice: This add-on will improve your shopping experience by helping you monitor each online shopping platform. This add-on alerts you to offers on websites with a better price to save more money as you shop and select items you want to buy.
  • Passwords: Straightforward and easy, this Avast password manager keeps login and passwords information secure, and it allows you to login fast and fills out information. With the features that come with it, you will be able to manage your passwords across different devices making web browsing more streamlined.
  • Incognito windows: This helps isolate your browsing sessions and protects you from a hijacked network or host and stops network-based and keyloggers eavesdropping from pilfering important data and information. These incognito windows clear passwords, cache, history and everything once you close them. It allows you to conduct online shopping and banking with confidence even when you are using public computers.

Avast SafeZone Browser performance test vs. Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer

Aside from the security element, other vital qualities are speed and performance. In this review, we compare Avast SafeZone browser against some of the best in the market Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Surprisingly Avast SafeZone is very fast, almost as Google Chrome.

With several available tools to test browsing performance, we found out the following. Google Chrome (green bar) remains the fastest browser on the market with highest scores in all tests. SafeZone (orange bar) comes second, i.e., second fastest browser currently on the market. Firefox is behind Chrome and SafeZone and Internet Explorer is the slowest of the four.

avast safezone browser performance test

The chart above shows the results of the final performance test. The higher the score, the faster the browser. So please find more details on the chart above.

Avast SafeZone Browser just like every other software is not without its own problems. In 2016, users were surprised by is rollout when the users found out that the browser was automatically installed without any notification.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only problem with this browser. It was discovered that Avast Chromium fork brings a series of issues, one of which permitted attack that allowed attackers to list and read files on your computer after you click on a malicious link. Further investigation into this issue showed that malicious commands could be sent to the RPC endpoint that Avast left open in this browser’s core engine.

The hidden commands inside the JavaScript code could be run on any user’s computer and give access to the open RPC endpoints even when Avast Safe Zone Browser was not running, and those malicious links were clicked on the inside of another browser.

The most troubling part is that, user need not to ever use Avast SafeZone browser, having it installed on your computer is enough to allow malcontents to exploit the browser’s vulnerability since your profile is automatically imported from Chrome upon startup, so cookies, password, preferences, and bookmarks were added to Avast Safe Zone without your consent. Recent research has shown that the flaw with the SafeZone is a result of Avast decision to overite Chromium default security setting. Several forums and websites posted links to instructions on how to uninstall the browser in response. Fortunately, Avast responded to this issue quickly and deployed a fix to stop widespread exploitation.

Realistically, the irony of any antivirus software installing software on your computer that delivered the live backdoor unbeknown to clients, enabling an attack in such manner was not lost on experienced users. One can really understand their frustration because it is ranged from the annoyed to the palpably outraged, going so far to mock the company by connecting Avast with the famous jargon used by pirate.

How to download & install Avast SafeZone Browser for free

There is no other way to download & install this Avast SafeZone Browser is together with the Avast antivirus. Technically it is only a component of Avast, so it is not available for standalone download or usage. You can only use the browser together with Avast antivirus.

To download & install avast Safe Zone browser, follow these steps:

  • Go here to download the latest version of Avast antivirus
  • Run Avast installer
  • Select “Customize” to ensure SafeZone Browser component is chosen and confirm by clicking on “Install.”

Immediately the installation process is complete, you can open SafeZone browser from the desktop (orange circle icon with rudder), or Avast user interface found under ‘Tools’ > ‘SafeZone Browser.’

Unfortunately, there is nothing like the standalone installer for this browser which for instance could upload on a USB stick. Therefore if you are looking to install it on a different computer, you have to use Avast Offline Installer.

Avast Internet Security 6.0

New in this version, Avast Safe Zone offers the kind of protection basically aimed at sensitive online transactions. Immediately you switch into the SaveZone, the only application you will find is the strip-down browser that is based on Google Chrome. The browser is strong, so even if a keylogger is really active in your work environment, it can’t get to the inside of SafeZone. Because the browser doesn’t accept plugins, it can’t be compromised by those malicious plugins.

Web Reputation

The new Web reputation (WebRep) browser plugin reports on current web site reputation and marks up the links on Facebook and search results. It does not analyze pages in real time and does not crawl the web and analyze websites like McAfee’s SiteAdvisor. The WebRep reputation information is based on votes by Avast users from around the world.

Clicking on the WebRep button opens the window showing the reputation of a site in detail. The details include whether the overall reputation of the site is good or bad and the estimate of the users that rated it. The window also helps match the site against 10 categories, 5 good and 5 bad. You can also add your own vote from this window.

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser

If you have already installed Avast Free Antivirus, you might have got some other components installed with it which you don’t need. One of the components that come along with the free antivirus is the Safe Zone Browser which is mainly designed to protect you from Ads or virus that may come your way when surfing the web. However, most people don’t like it and may want to uninstall it. We have a guide on how to Uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser from your system completely and with ease.

There are two simple and working methods of removing Avast Safe Zone Browser permanently.

First solution: Uninstall it by changing programs

Second solution: Remove it through avast Components Uninstaller.

You don’t need additional tool or software to uninstall the browser using the two methods. Let’s try both methods one by one. You can use any of the two methods because both of them are working.

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser with changing programs method

With this method, we will change the Avast Program Install Settings. You must have seen the additional component screen when you were installing the Avast antivirus, but you might have missed it. With this method, you need to reopen that screen to deselect the components you want to remove. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Open the Control Panel. (Press Win + R, then type Control Panel and press Enter)
  2. The list of options will pop up, just look for Programs and features and click on it

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser with changing programs method

  1. A new screen with the list of installed software and tools, look for Avast free antivirus and click on it and then right click on it.
  2. You will receive 2 options, Change and Uninstall. Select Change option.

  1. Avast components installation screen will show up. You will see the list of components that comes with Avast. Select/Deselect based on your needs. Since you want to remove SafeZone browser, just deselect it from the list.

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser with changing programs method

  1. Click on Change button and boom, you have uninstalled it. Restart your computer to effect the changes. This is actually the easiest way to uninstall any component that comes along with the Avast.

How to uninstall Avast Safe Zone Browser with Uninstaller method

There is an inbuilt tool in 2017 Avast Free Antivirus to uninstall any of its components. Follow these steps to remove the safe zone browser.

  1. Open the User interface screen of Avast Free Antivirus
  2. Click on Setting and select Components
  3. The list of Installed Components will pop up with uninstalling option. Look for Safe Zone Browser and hit on Uninstall Component.

How to uninstall Avast Safe Zone Browser with Uninstaller method

You are done. Just restart your computer to complete the process.


But despite the bumpy beginning, SafeZone Browser quickly recovered to patch up the flaws and deliver excellent security in addition to the antivirus software. Avast scored high marks in protection test; it scored high marks for detecting & blocking, even more, threats than the industry standard. Also, its usability is higher than the standards set by the industry making it attractive to users. The shortcomings with this browser are the tendency to make your computer run slower and the lack of parental controls built into the application. But despite all that, Avast SafeZone Browser garners such high marks to provide value.

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