canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon has a notable contribution in the camera world considering their EOS 5D series. And with the introduction of the EOS 5D Mark IV, they have proven to be one of the masses’ favorites when it comes to photography innovations.

EOS 5D Mark IV is a full frame DSLR, possessing the new 30MP CMOS sensor system. The camera exhibits duality in its Pixel autofocus system with a 4K video capture; all ran by a DIGIC 6+ processor.


Advanced AF system

7fps burst shooting

Responsive touchscreen

Connectivity option

Excellent sensor performance

Live View AF performance


Expensive compared to rivals

4k video option limited

ISO range hasn’t increased



  • 4MP Full-frame CMOS sensor,
  • 2-inch touch-screen, (1,620,000 dots)
  • 4K video capture (DCI)

It is exciting to see Canon featuring a professional 30.4MP sensor for the EOS 5D Mark IV, utilizing the same sensor innovation used in both the 1D X Mark II and 80D. There is an improvement in the noise performance with a wider dynamic range due to the on-chip digital to analog conversion.

Photographers now have the capabilities to adjust the aspect of maximum sharpness, with the introduction of the Dual Pixel Raw technology.

The EOS 5D Mark IV’s expanded sensitivity range is similar to that of the 5D Mark III, with native sensitivity running from ISO 100-32,000 extending to 50 – 102,400. Canon has put in place a system to enhance the processing of noise for better results at higher sensitivities.

EOS 5D Mark IV combines both DIGIC 6 and the DIGIC 6+ processor. The DIGIC 6 processor is used for metering, while the DIGIC 6+ handles the rest of the processing. It has a 61-point autofocus system with 41 cross-type sensors, five of the cross-type sensors exhibits duality for sharper accuracy.

The autofocus system is sensitively lower to -3EV and -4EV in its live view, hence; focusing in poor lights is not a problem with the EOS 5D Mark IV. Using a maximum aperture of f/8 and all 61 autofocus points, you can combine lens and teleconverters on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to perfect your experience in sports and wildlife photography.

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Canon offers a Dual Pixel AF technology; the imaging sensor possesses phase detection points which promote faster autofocus acquisition when compared with the EOS 5D Mark III. With this in place, speedy performance is allowed.

The Camera features a 3.2 inch touchscreen with an amazing 1,620,000 dots as on the EOS 1D X Mark II. One notable difference is the touch-screen of the 1D X Mark II being functional during live view only, while that of the 5D Mark IV is functional all the time, with the menu navigation and image reviewing working as well.

Canon maintained the battery of the camera as exact as that of the 5D Mark III, which means photographers having the two cameras can put up with managing and exchanging the same battery accessories easily.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The 5D Mark IV permits 4K video capture (DCI) at 4096 x 2160 pixels, at 30/25/24 frame per second. Users can obtain 8.8MP JPEG images with the help of the Motion JPEG file format present in the 4K video capture.

The camera comes with HDMI Mini out and the USB 3.0 terminals, as well as external microphone and headphone ports. It supports dual SD CompactFlash card slots, which accepts fast UDMA 7 cards. You can share and transfer images to compatible devices with the Wi-Fi and NFC features. It also has a built-in GPS system.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is made of Magnesium alloy and polycarbonate, weighs 800g, dust-resistance and weather sealed.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV design

Though there have been many adjustments to the body, Canon has maintained a hassle-free transition from the Mark III to the EOS D5 Mark IV when it comes to the body shape. The hand grip has been expanded for beginners with a comfortable feeling when handled. It pentaprism is slightly heightened to accommodate the GPS system.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV design

A multitude of actions can be performed in collaboration with the front command dial, using the customizable button below the joy-pad behind the body. You can adjust the sensitivity without moving your eye away from the viewfinder. This is possible with the option of setting ISO controls.


The Canon EOS D5 Mark IV features 61-point AF, 41 cross-type AF points, and 21 cross-type AF points at f/8, with a Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus for a “Live View” Mode.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV

As expected, the AF system works fine, and shares some similar configurations with that of 1D X Mark II. There are differences in some of the internal features; nevertheless, the EOS D5 Mark IV AF performance is impressive for a camera of its nature.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The AF is connected to the metering system, which helps to detect colored objects and permits face recognition. The autofocus tracking process works very fine, holding on and following specified subjects.

The Dual Pixel AF of the EOS 5D Mark IV implies a huge enhancement from Canon, which is far better than that of the 5D Mark III. It is valuable innovation as it makes focusing pretty fast. Users can operate faster with autofocus when shooting videos with the Movie Servo AF.


The EOS 5D Mark IV permits 7 frames per second burst shooting,  150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor system (offering Intelligent Scene Analysis) with a brilliant Viewfinder technology.

The system brings the exposure to the valid AF point, and it carries out better operations when compared to the Mark III, reading the whole scene and producing balanced exposures.

It also goes further to offer a better experience when it comes to white-balancing. There’s an option to select either the White or Ambience priority auto settings. The White priority auto setting produces neutral images, while the ambiance retains a level of warmth in images.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The camera possesses a large and sharp viewfinder with an impressive 100% coverage, as expected from a full-frame DSLR camera type. It displays important shooting details along the bottom and features the Intelligent Viewfinder II technology.


The new 30.4MP sensor allows the EOS 5D Mark IV to display brilliant degrees of detail, although it is not as perfect as that of the files gotten from the 5DS, but still very sharp as a matter of fact. You can produce rich and well-detailed prints at Super A3 and the capability firmly crop images if you so wish.

canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Users would have expected a drastic increase in noise due to the increase in resolution, especially in the upper region of the sensitivity range. The good news is that the performance of the high ISO is very good. Also, the introduction of the on-chip digital-to-analogue system ensures improvement in noise control and delivers a better and broader dynamic range.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV appears to be one of the best-plumped, and smooth DSLR cameras we have reviewed. It operates well with wide range of subjects and performs suitably in landscapes, wildlife, and sports photography.

Most of the elements featured in the EOS 5D Mark IV have been improved upon, compared to the EOS 5d Mark III. The 30.4MP sensor might not match up with some rivals as a contender, but there is a notable upgrade in its resolution. Users may also find the enhanced noise performance and the brilliant dynamic range tempting.

It is expensive camera when compared with its rival, the EOS 5D Mark IV Amazon market place price is currently at $3049 but not as expensive as Sony Alpha A9. However, it is more expensive than the Fujifilm X-T2. Nevertheless, Canon has been able to meet up with some of the users’ expectations, considering the price attached to it.

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