When you are talking about gaming brands that are currently killing it big in the market, you cannot but mention Microsoft consoles. The Xbox One S is an improved and updated version of the original Xbox One; it is an impressive gadget from the tech giants (Microsoft).

It is smaller and generates less noise when compared to the Xbox One. One notable development in the Xbox One S is the enhancement of HD resolution to 4K Ultra HD.

Another great feature is the introduction of a more powerful HDR to the console, which makes it more effective than the Original Xbox One.

xbox one s

The front layer has been redesigned with the penetrable white exterior. It features a rigid body, and well built when compared to the Xbox One. Users can utilize the HDR for gaming and watching movies, there is also a 4K video streaming process with the aid of the HDMI 2.0a port. Microsoft decided to omit the Kinect port on the console this time around; it will require a USB adapter use of the Kinect feature.

Certain games will perform better on the new console due to the enhanced functionalities, although Microsoft claimed that there are not many differences with the interior hardware of both the original Xbox One and the new Xbox One S. The performance tests and comparison show that, some process will run smoothly with the new innovation.


The Xbox One S features an extraordinary electrical engineering system, which combines an extensive 2TeraByte hard drive with a massive power supply into a compact and efficient system.

xbox one s

A lot of visible tweaks have been added to the Xbox One S, the power ON/OFF switches now appears a physical button, which prevents accidental switching compared to the capacity touch of the Xbox One. The controller-pairing button and a USB port have been positioned at the front, unlike the Xbox One, where they were placed at the side.

You can only position the old Xbox One flatly, but the new Xbox One S permits a stand-up position; it also requires a plastic base to allow the proper influx of air. An IR blaster is located on the front of the console; it permits users to put on other devices, like the television, cable box, and the audiovisual receiver.

xbox one s review

The color scheme for the Xbox One S design is white; users can only customize and adjust the color of the controllers. The console’s color has been restricted to white only.

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Microsoft is bringing about a special generation of visible media with the Xbox One S. The normal Blu-ray disc has been exchanged and upgraded for a 4k HDR system; it is capable of reading Ultra HD Blu-rays disc.

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Considering the features and enhanced functionalities, the Xbox One S can perfectly match up with an Ultra HD Television. However, the Sony PS4 Pro has better performance and features than the Xbox One S.

Gamers would have thought of the booting and buffering taking longer, but in the case of the Xbox One S, it loaded faster even at a greater resolution, which supersedes that of the original Xbox One.

The biggest development in the Xbox One X console is the upgraded 4K resolution, all gaming and video contents can be boosted up to 3,840 x 2,160 worth resolution. You can also opt in for a 4K TV to encourage a comfortable experience.

xbox one s performance

All you streaming needs have been well catered for, with the inclusion of Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube and other streaming contents. The aforementioned streaming services are provided in their 4K versions.

The Microsoft Universal Windows Apps is now making steps to extend more opportunities. One of the promises is making Windows 10 and the Xbox One S compatible with one single application; this will definitely aid developers to utilize unsupported apps.

You can choose an optional remote (which is sold separately) for your console, or you can decide to stick to your game controller for controlling some video functions.

The console exhibited more improved functionalities than expected; there are HDMI port options that allow you to define and separate the audio and video output.

Images produced from the impressive Ultra Blu-ray player are simply amazing and sharp, the upgraded resolution did a great work in this aspect. The display is plain and easier for users to navigate through.


The Xbox One S ensures a suitable gaming experience, especially with the 4K resolution. The loading speed for the games still takes up to 15 to 20 seconds, however, the display and the responsiveness seem better compared to the Xbox One.

Microsoft’s new console is making sure that some games possess added HDR abilities. Users should take note that Microsoft will not be designing specific games for the Xbox One S.

xbox one s

The Xbox One S features a controller, which is smaller but effective in performance than its predecessor. Users need the controller to play games, and Microsoft has taken it upon themselves; to introduce a new and sleek gamepad which comes with the console system.

Microsoft permitted the controller to support Bluetooth connections with any emulation, being the first of its kind. This means you can connect the controller to your PC without needing the USB plug-in.

The controller has a firm grip, it permits easier handling and users can hold on to it for a very long period of time. It also possesses an additional powerful antenna (wireless), meaning; you can play games while sitting far away from the screen. Users with the old Xbox One controllers can make use of it on the new console.


Credits should be given to Microsoft’s engineering team for a job well done. They’ve been able to create an advanced engineering system for the Xbox One S. This groundbreaking system features a huge power engine being shaped into a compact framework.

The Xbox One S GameStop price goes for $229, users will certainly be satisfied with its resolution blend and how it enhances the display of the games. The speed rate at which the content loads is overwhelming, not forgetting the High Dynamic Range also.

While the color presentation of the new console may be appealing to some gamers, other gamers will want to stick to the original Xbox One, because of some of its rugged capabilities. Also, the omission of the Kinect port might be frustrating to some gamers that are used to its functionalities.

Considering some of the improvements and most importantly, the engineering system, the Xbox One S prove that Microsoft still has bundles of gaming goodies for their users.

Xbox One S is available on Amazon at the best price.

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