Oppo pm-3 review


Don’t bother reading this Oppo PM-3 review – just go ahead and buy these headphones. You will get them at the best price and they offer outstanding design and magnetic sound quality.


Attractive design

Great isolation

Stunning sound quality

Best in class


Less precision than open-back cans

Faux leather earpads

The Oppo PM-3 are truly magnificent pair of headphones. There are different headphones out there, but Oppo PM-3 headphones are stunning with high quality sound.

It might sound odd especially because Oppo PM-1 was miraculous, but Oppo PM-3 headphones are even more miraculous. But the problem with Oppo PM- now is that is too expensive and almost out of reach of everyone. Another shortcoming of Oppo PM-1 is that they were heavy and massive. And the third is that, the open-back design made them great for use at home but absolutely inappropriate for out-and-about use.

But in Oppo PM-3, the perfection has arrived. And the best part is that you won’t buy Oppo PM-3 for $1000 but for just $399. With Oppo PM-3, you will get more compact and closed back-design which makes them better for out and about listening because they offer isolation.

Why are Oppo PM-3 special?

The PM-3 headphones are very special because they use planar magnet and deliver sonic excellence in smaller, lighter, closed back design. They are the very first closed back PM headphones we have seen. So, they are truly special.

Sound Quality

The Oppo PM-3 sound quite fantastic and unbeatable. These headphones provide balance and precision. You really won’t like too much bass and artificially enhanced treble. The Oppo PM-3 headphones provide all these.

The PM-3 combination of closed-back design and planar magnetic drivers confidently isolate you from any ambient noise and effortlessly delivers pristine sound frequencies directly into your lobe.

With PM-3, you can pick out and locate each instrument in a song and in old classic tracks; you will notice layers to the sound that you never knew were here.

Built quality

You will find a standard 3.5mm cable in the box plus a super long one (plus phono adapter) to use at home with the headphone amp. If you purchase from Oppo official site, you will also get additional cables with functional clickers for Android and iPhone.


There is no other way around it, if you are looking for an outstanding but cheap headphone, look no further than Oppo PM-3. They deliver everything you need in a headphone. They are also easy to plug into a headphone amp at home.

In fact, Oppo PM-3 headphones stand out among rival products from big brands. So we recommend th headphones because they are simply amazing. You can get the best deal at Amazon here.

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