iphone 7 plus review

Sometimes confusion sets in when deciding the brand of phone to use for your business, personal comfort, and one that will compliment your lifestyle. People naturally love iPhones because it has an international standard with top notch quality which has been sustained over the years. So the focus here is to review iPhones and more specifically iPhone7 plus. This review will analyze iPhone 7 release, the features of the phone, the specifications and its performance.

The aim is to provide you with insightful information regarding the iPhone 7 Plus features, the design, battery life, and what makes it different from other iPhones manufactured by Apple. We shall look at the iPhone 7 plus colors, the quality of the pictures taken from the camera and the network connectivity.

The iPhone 7 release hit the news especially as Apple launched its Red program, followed by a striking red version of the iPhone 7 Plus. A portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting the fight against HIV/AID in Sub-Sahara Africa.

iphone 7 plus review

With iPhone, you know you’re in for a novel experience, since its quality is superb. The iPhone 7 Plus is no different; the phone is water-resistant with a splendid design and A10 Fusion processor that is pretty fast.

iPhone 7 Plus Design

The phone has a unique design with a bigger 5.5-inch 1080p display. The iPhone 7 Plus has round corners with an aluminum frame. It has a customized home button as well, and it’s similar to the iPhone 6 plus with some varying differences. The iPhone 7 Plus colors are appealing as it comes in Jet Black (Gloss), Black (Matte), Gold, Rose Gold, Red, and Silver. The red version of the phone has a back panel that is red while is the front frame is white. The camera at the back sticks out which makes it difficult for the phone to lie flat on its back on a smooth surface. You may use an iPhone case to sort the issue out.

iPhone 7 Plus Camera

iphone 7 plus review

The iPhone 7 Plus camera is spectacular. It has two rear cameras; one has wide angle, and the other is telephoto. It brings depth, and lovely effects to your pictures; be it a portrait or landscape. If you’re into photos, then this phone is a worthy investment. The second rear camera has the ability to zoom during shots to increase the image taken. The camera alternatives between the wide angle and the telephoto and the telephoto has a lens that makes things appear close without losing its appeal. The iPhone 7 plus camera has a 12-megapixel with optical image stabilization and 7-megapixel front cameras with auto image stabilizer. The phone has a portrait mode, and it works well when you’re taking a selfie or photos of people.

iPhone 7 Plus features

The iPhone 7 Plus has a large storage capacity, 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB. You have different options to choose from depending on the apps you frequently use on the phone. The battery life is fair as it lasts for 6 hours even with heavy usage like watching movies, shots using the camera, live recording, and playing music. You will get a full battery charge within 2 and the half hours if the level is zero percent. The battery life can extend beyond 8 hours particularly when you reduce the screen brightness. But you need to note that continuous use of the phone for about one year will weaken the effectiveness of the battery and its performance.

The iPhone 7 Plus release doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone has a lightning port instead with a lightning Earpod earbuds that cost $9. The iPhone 7 Plus has a fast processor, high-quality display, and dual cameras.


iPhone 7 Plus Specifications

The following specs are obtainable with the iPhone 7 Plus phones.

Screen: 5.5-inch

Resolution: 1920p x 1080p display


Battery life: 2,900mAh

Storage: 32GB, 128GB and 256GB

Two rear cameras: Rear Camera-12MP, Front Camera-7MP

Operating System: iOS 10

Dimension: 158.2 x77.9 x 7.3mm

Pixel density: 401 pixels per inch

Weight: 188g

JavaScript Benchmark score: 168.68

Other features include 450Mps LTE, and Waterproof to IP67 standard, Stereo speakers, No headphone jack and it’s dust resistant.


iPhone 7 Plus Price

The price ofiPhone 7 plus varies depending on the platform you purchase from and the storage capacity as well. We have 32GB, and it goes for $769, but if you want the 128GB version the price is $869, and the gigantic 256GB costs a whopping sum of $969. Apple products are usually expensive, and the may likely be a reduction in price once another phone model emerges. You can purchase the iPhone 7 Plus from Apple’s online store or get the best deal at Amazon.

iPhone 7 Plus Shortcomings

Due to the specifications of the phone and the lack of headset jack, it is impossible to charge your phone and listen to music simultaneously. You must choose one at the detriment of the other or make use of an adapter which you can purchase separately. The adapter is not an attractive option, but that’s the only way you can achieve the two tasks at the same time. Alternatively, you may purchase Apple’s AirPods which is a set of wireless headphone at the cost of $159.

iPhone 7 Plus Performance

The iPhone 7 Plus is waterproof and can survive an accidental slip into the water in as much as it’s about one meter and not left therein beyond 30 minutes. Although you may need to dry the lightning port thoroughly for about 5 hours afterwards if enmeshed in water before you can use it again. The phone is durable and Apple’s core apps were seriously upgraded for optimum performance. Apple Music and iMessage works perfectly like a dream.


It may not be the upgrade we were hoping for, but the iPhone 7 Plus is still an excellent phone with improved cameras, super slick performance and a handy waterproof, yet familiar design. This review will help you to determine if the iPhone 7 Plus is the perfect fit for you. You can grab the best deal at Amazon. If you are looking for a better phone, you can go for Samsung Galaxy S8.

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