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Oftentimes, Users lay complaints about the problems encountered while using their Smart phones. These problems range from one aspect to the other, with battery life topping the list. Meanwhile, Lenovo is using the opportunity to offer a preferable solution, by launching the Lenovo P2; a masterpiece with a strong battery life.


Attractive metal build

Phenomenal battery life

Gorgeous display for the money


Annoying battery saver switch

Limited camera

Heavy and quite large


According to the company, the battery life can last you up to 3 days in normal operations, but that depends on how often you press the phone. No doubt, the Lenovo P2 is an impressive phone with great features; you may want to consider it as your next Smartphone.

lenovo p2


The Lenovo P2 is priced at £199 in the UK and around $250, $330 (Australian dollars). It has been released in the UK only with exclusiveness to “Three” network, release arrangements for other countries are coming up also.

lenovo p2 price


Made of Metal, Lenovo has been able to provide the P2 with a unibody design, which encourages a satisfying feeling when handled. It features a type of disappointing placement of battery saver mode switch and a good 5.5-inch Full HD screen display that is perfect for playing games and watching videos.

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When other people see you using the P2 they won’t be able to tell it is a budget device, but it’s got more than just great looks, as it feels quality also, and there are rounded corners that mean it doesn’t feel somehow sharp on the palm of your hand. The design is very reminiscent of the Huawei Mate 9, but it’s a little bit smaller.

lenovo p2 design

The rounded corners of the body, speaks quality with respect to the shape. It is modeled in similarities with the Huawei Mate 9, but slightly smaller. Users cannot but agreed to the fact that holding the P2 with your palm, generates a smooth and sensational feeling.

The phone is 8.3mm thick and looking at the size and shape of the battery in the Lenovo P2, the hardware engineers have been able to keep the phone amazingly slim and compact.

There’s a home button below the screen, with a built-in fingerprint scanner. It works quickly and is in a good place to tap when waking the phone. A fingerprint scanner this good is another feature you won’t always get at this price point.

lenovo p2 review

You can find a home button just below the screen; it has a built-in fingerprint scanner, which is great and appealing, considering the low price of the phone.

The volume and the power buttons are placed on the right edge of the phone and can be easily operated when handling the phone.

On the left edge, there is a flick switch, similar to the silent toggle on the iPhone, which activates the power saver mode. It is a useful feature if you often like to save on battery life.

lenovo p2

There is a flick switch located at the left edge of the P2, which bears similarities to the silent toggle switch on iPhones. Though it is placed in a not-conducive location, users can simply make use of the flick switch to save battery life.

The front side of the P2 features a large and bright 5.5 inch full HD screen display (AMOLED). It is composed of 401 pixels per inch, which is noted to be impressive, considering the price attached to the phone.



Lenovo provided the P2 with their customized software, which differs slightly from the stock android; despite that, it still possesses nice interpretations and intuitive as the default stock android offered by Google.

Unlike some other software overlays, (we are looking at you, Huawei) this comes with an app drawer so you can organize your main screens for a better touch.

lenovo p2 interface

The app drawer showcases a plain view of your pre-existing and downloaded contents in an alphabetical arrangement. A search bar is positioned at the top left corner of the screen; it allows users to search and find apps quickly.

The Lenovo P2 runs on Android 6 Marshmallow OS, which is upgradable to Android 7 OS. It houses recent and updated contents from Google’s Operating System.

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Playing and listening to sounds/music on the P2 brings about a satisfying experience. There is a speaker placed at the rear bottom of the phone, which plays sound loudly. However, the audio setup cannot contend with the likes of HTC BoomSound and the ZTE Axon 7 Mini.

lenovo p2 game

A 3.5mm headphone audio jack is positioned on top of the phone, in case you want to plug in your wired headsets. It gives room for Bluetooth audio connections as well.

The Lenovo P2 possesses a Full HD 5.5-inch screen for watching videos, with clear audio options. The video app works fine, but again it’s not anything special. The existing video application works perfectly; if you want to explore other video playing apps, you still would have a lot of space to do it.

It was observed that the Operating System covers 8GB storage space of the 32GB version of the Phone. You can conveniently make use of the other 24GB to store apps, games and files. The P2 also supports microSD memory cards of up to 256GB; this provides lots of space to accommodate more files.

For gaming, we found the Lenovo P2 to be similarly competent, and considering the price, this is probably one of the best budget phones out there for gaming on the go.

The Lenovo P2 is quite reliable when it comes to gaming, with a satisfying HD display; you have no problem playing and enjoying your favorite games.


The Lenovo P2 uses the Qualcomm’s Processing Snapdragon 625, which functions efficiently in standard conditions.

It features an impressive 2GHz Octal-Core system, despite the fact that it is a low budget phone, the system has been furnished and optimized to perform efficiently.

Lenovo provided the P2 in three versions, 3GB ram/32GB storage, 4GB RAM/32GB storage and the 4GB RAM/64GB storage. The 4GB RAM versions have a slight advantage over the 3GB version, in the process of elimination sluggishness and crashes.


The 5,100mAH incredible battery is the standout feature of the Lenovo P2, considering its price. You will be amazed at how long the phone can survive with just a full single charge. It can last up to 2 days and some hours in a medium usage, which makes it a powerhouse as a matter of fact.

lenovo p2 review

Users can boost and charge the P2 very quickly with the fast charging mode; however, you must make use of the charger that comes with the phone, so you do not risk damaging your phone.

There is also an Ultra Power saving mode if you are concerned about your phone draining fast. A switch has been provided at the side of the phone, which you can flick to put on the saving mode. The mode turns off some features to extend the battery life.


Users don’t get to obtain the kind of picture quality experienced with the likes of iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL. Nevertheless, the Lenovo has the ability to produce neat and standard images with its camera.

The P2 comes with a 13MP rear sensor, which is a bit lesser when compared to its rivals, despite that, the camera can still capture neat and sharp images.

lenovo p2 game

The selfie camera has a 5MP lens, which is considered to be normal, looking at the nature of the phone. It produces neat and sharp images; however, don’t expect high-quality photography when using the selfie camera.

The camera’s footage in the aspect of video recording is standard but not too impressive. It has the capability of recording either in 1080p or 2160p at 30fps.


The Lenovo P2 is considerably cheap for a phone with such kind of specs; its Amazon price is currently at £334.

If you are frustrated with the battery performance of your present phone, then the Lenovo P2 is a sure bet, no disputes!

The design of the Lenovo P2 showcases luxury when compared to a lot of Smartphones competing with it. Another good reason why you should opt in for the phone is the display screen, as it features quality HD.

Though it has its own lapses, overall, it is a good phone! There is no such thing as a perfect invention, and the Lenovo P2 is not left out.

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