lg oled e7 review

Being a leader in the producing quality products means you always need to be on top of the game in your field. LG brand is one to be reckoned with in terms of electronic appliances, and the LG OLED E7 (OLED65E7) is a TV that promises exciting screen pictures.

This review will give you insightful details about the oled65e7 TV, its specifications, design, and unique features, with the Lge7 price range.

LG has been on the market for many years, and they continually improve their products to meet world standards and to satisfy the yearnings of their customers.

The LG OLED E7 design

LG oled65e7

The oled65e7 TV has a classic design as its 3840×2160-resolution was mounted onto a glass plate that is thin, flat and hard, and it has a soundbar integrated within for audio speaker control. This flatscreen is like no other in comparison, and the design is ultra-modern and exquisite. The OLED65E7 has external connections as it contains terrestrial and satellite aerial connections, three USBs port, four 4K/HDR- capable HDMIs, a LAN port, a headset output, an optical digital audio output, an audio line output, with an RS-232 Control Port.

LG oled65e7 review

These connections enable you to incorporate the TV into your home control system. The screen sizes come in 65 inches, and 55 inches and the dimensions are 1461 x 877 x 62mm. The oled65e7 TV also has an in-built Wi-Fi system for you to share files from different devices like the DLNA-enabled device on your network. You can also download several apps and games from LG’s ‘walled garden” of online services.

LG oled65e7 review

The oled65e7 TV has the latest version of webOS (3.5), and it supports the 360 VR media which is an improved zoom mode that can enlarge sections of the picture on the screen. The oled65e7 TV also has an integrated Freeview Play support which is a wonderful feature that enables you to keep a record of favorite programs and track any program you missed using an onscreen guide. With these features in place, it comes as little wonder that the Lge7 price is quite high. The average amount for the oled65e7 is $5,000. The depth of color and light control which the OLED exhibits with its pixel level is simply amazing.

LG oled65e7 review

HD/SDR Performance

The oled65c7v has capabilities that provide a perfect foundation for color tones and brightness degrees dynamics. You can modify according to your preference and light suitability. The colors are rich and impressive for SDR, and the OLED has the power for each pixel to exude its own light; this makes the overall effect to be dazzling. The pictures look stable, rich, and luminous in details. It also appears like three-dimensional although the TV doesn’t support a 3D experience.

4K/HDR performance

There is an increase in the brightness potentials of the oled65e7 TV as this model reaches an HDR peak point and this enhances the visual experience the TV has to offer. The oled65e7 has made an impact in the HDR highlights and content with an increasing level of brightness and rich colors. This makes the pictures to look more natural and real. The colors on the oled65e7 screen still appear brighter even while displaying dark scenes and images.

The TV has light management that is above black brightness levels which is a feature of DCI-P3 color range. This is the current rave for HDR TVs being produced now.

The LG oled65e7 also has a viewing angle advantage as you can watch the screen from any angle without the pictures losing its quality, contrast, or color. You can enjoy watching the TV in a dark setting.

Before now, the darkest areas of HDR pictures do not possess shadow detail on LG’s OLED TVs, as it makes these areas to seem void. However, these shortcomings have been modified. The improvements in the shadow details and color response for dark areas are much better and successfully incorporated with the remaining pictures on the screen.

The oled65e7 TV is spectacular by all standards, and it’s much loved by people that enjoy watching TV in a dark environment.

The LG OLED E7 Specifications

The specifications for the LG OLED E7 are highlighted below.

TV with Stand: 57.5” x 35.6” x 7.7”

Weight with Stand: 50.9 lbs

Power Supply (Voltage, Hz): 120Vac 50-60Hz

Output power: 60W (Woofer:20W)

Standby Mode: Less than 0.5W

HDMI: 4(HDCP 2.2)

USB: 3

Connectivity:  WiFi Built-in 802.11ac, IP control, Simplink (HDMI CEC)

Smart TV Operating system: webOS 3.5, with additional features like magic remote control, natural voice recognition, channel plus, full web browser.

Audio: Speaker system 4.2 channel

Picture Quality: 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160), Active HDR with Dolby Vision, and pixel level dimming.

Display Type: OLED TVs

Display Format: 4K UHD 21 60p

Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Diagonal size: 64.5 inches


The LG OLED E7 Sound

The oled65c7v has an audio sound that is strong and supported by Dolby Atmos, and this is integrated into the frame of the TV. You will get an awesome experience that is akin to the quality of theater display. The LG OLED65E7 does not have external speakers for audio production. Another issue regarding the oled65c7v TV is regarding the Dolby Atmos support linked with the audio sound. The audio of the TV can’t recognize the Atmos tracks on Blu-ray including Ultra HD Blu-ray discs as well.

The LG OLED E7 Price

The Lge7 price is competitive based on the features and quality it has to offer when compared with other similar products. Arm your wallet with about $5,499 and get one with its attendant specifications. But you can get the best deal of $4,999.66 on Amazon


We’ve been able to identify the unique features of oled65e7 TV, the design, the Lge7 price, and the specifications that set it apart from other smart TVs. This will give you a complete idea of what to expect from this product.

This is an innovative model with the trappings of sophisticated add-ons for a realistic and exciting time while watching selected channels or movies. You need to check the specifications of the oled65e7 and the warranty as well. Just know that with LG oled65e7 TV you’re in for an immersive theater experience. You can also check Dell’s new 4k monitor

The best deal for this TY is available at Amazon now, check it out.

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