The Microsoft Surface Book Review

The Microsoft Surface book is a two in one computer that everybody would love to own. It serves both as a laptop and a tablet, giving you a choice. You need to be conscious of the type of the mode you select for some specific type of work to avoid unnecessary stress and a negative impact on productivity.

With the Microsoft Surface book, you are in good hand as it comes well packaged with the surface book specs that uniquely set it apart from other contemporary brands.

Microsoft surface book is a powerful and dynamic laptop that has a tablet mode integrated as well. There are several features that are peculiar to the Microsoft surface book. The device has lots of apps, functionalities, with an awesome user-friendly experience. In this review, we shall critically analyze the benefits of using Microsoft surface book with the surface book specs, the features, and the current price. This review will give you a comprehensive guide on the benefits of the Microsoft Surface book and why it is a great device. You will get all the details here as well as the observed shortcomings of the device.

The Microsoft Surface book comes in a stylish design that is convenient and easy to use since it’s portable. The specification only helps to enhance your productivity. The book was manufactured in the form of a laptop and a tablet and can perform both functions effectively. The average battery life of the Microsoft Surface book is 12 hours, so you can work without any interruptions for a stretch.


The Microsoft surface design

The Microsoft Surface Book Review

The design of Microsoft Surface book is aesthetical with a glittering windows logo from the manufacturers on its back. The chassis is manufactured using magnesium. It’s a great convertible laptop and tablet device. It looks sleek and longer than the average 13 inches laptop.

Microsoft Surface book keyboard

The Microsoft Surface Book keyboard Review

The Microsoft Surface book has a dedicated graphics chips with a full sized detachable physical keyboard which is completely equipped and convertible. The keys are a bit spongy, but it doesn’t reduce your typing speed. The Microsoft Surface book makes use of a dynamic fulcrum and bulky hinge that becomes compacted when closed and expands when opened. The keyboard is thick and flexible as you can fold it behind the display screen. There are several features in the surface book specs, and this determines the Microsoft surface book price.

The Microsoft Surface book display

The Microsoft Surface Book Review

The screen of Microsoft Surface book is superb and long with a 13.5 inches screen. It has 3,000 x 2,000 resolution and 267 PPI pixel density which makes the pictures, the menu icons and text to be bright and sharp. The Adobe RGB color gamut has a moderate coverage. The Adobe RGB is essential for professionals in the creative field like graphic designers and photographers as it determines the scope of color dimensions a screen can precisely exhibit. It has a big effect on the outcome of your creative work, so you need to make use of a device that has the specifications for creative arts. The surface book specs fit in with this demand.

It’s common knowledge in the creative arts that the Adobe RGB should start from the range of 90%, but the Microsoft Surface book is only 67.6% Adobe RGB.

It’s quite disappointing especially as Microsoft advertises the surface book specs incorporated in the device as ideal for creative. There is a need for Microsoft to make some modifications in the preceding models.

The benefits of using the Microsoft surface book are numerous, as the device is innovative and easy to use. It’s a lap-friendly system that can be converted to work as a tablet depending on your choice.

Microsoft surface specifications in full

The Microsoft Surface Book Review

The Microsoft Surface specs are numerous, and they include the following:

Processor: 2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U (dual-core, 3MB cache, 3GHz with turbo boost).  Intel Core i7-6600U with 2.6GHz-3.4 GHz, 4 MB cache. This determines the speed of the system.

Screen: The screen is longer than the average laptops with a 13.5 inch, 3,000 x 2,000 (267 PPI) Pixel Sense display.

Storage: The storage capacity is 256Gb PCIe3.0 SSD which gives you enough space for your files and documents.

Ports: The Microsoft Surface book has two ports. 2 x USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, SD card reader, mini headphone/mic combo jack for sound and voice recordings.

Graphics: It has a high-speed memory of 1GB GDDR5, Intel HD Graphics 520; Nvidia GeForce GTX965M GPU 2 GB of GDDR5 memorygraphics


Networking and Connectivity: 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 LE

Camera: Windows between 5 MP front, 8 MP Rear, 1080p HD rear-facing and auto-focus camera with video recording.

Weight: It weighs between 3.34 -3.48 pounds (1.58kg) and above making it one of the heaviest laptops amongst the 13 inches model.

Operating system: It uses windows 10 pro 64- bit version software.

These are some of the surface book specs that are obtainable in the Microsoft surface book devices.

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Microsoft surface book price

The current Microsoft Surface book price starts from $1,069.99 on Amazon. Depending on the specifications, the price could be up to $1800 and even $2300. The Microsoft Surface book has 1 year warranty, so you’re typically safe during the timeframe.

Before you purchase the Microsoft Surface book, firstly look at your budget and choose the particular model of the Microsoft brand based on your desired specification, which would still be within your means.

The Microsoft Surface Book Review

Look out for the warranty and ensure you buy the device at an authorized dealer’s outlet. This is to avoid any unforeseen circumstances in the near future regarding your device especially when there is a need for repairs or technical support.


Overall, the Microsoft Surface book is durable, it has advanced functionalities, and the surface book specs are superlative. It’s common knowledge that Microsoft is a reputable company with quality products, so this device is not an exception. So if you’re fascinated by the features and the durability of the device, it’s best to pick up one for yourself regardless of the amount quoted as the Microsoft Surface book price. It’s simply good value for your money. Get the best deal here if this product fits into what you are looking for.

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