nokia 3310 (2017)

Our verdict

The Nokia 3310 re-release may not be able to offer you what a smartphone can offer you, but its low price makes it a good second device you can keep in your bag or take to festivals.


  • Strong battery life
  • Low price
  • Fun for nostalgia


  • Very limited storage
  • Only 2.5G connectivity
  • Disappointing camera

If a phone can sell itself only on nostalgia, that phone is the Nokia 3310.

Nokia 3310 is a popular mobile phone of all time, and people will always remember it for its long-lasting battery, indestructible build, and legendary snake game. The team licensing Nokia phone name has reignited the love for the phone which was once a leader in the mobile market.

The new Nokia 3310 has gotten modern-day upgrades, making it more attractive than ever. You will possibly love to pick 3310 up if you are a fan of those simpler times.

If you are not familiar with the original 3310, this phone will not satisfy your smartphone sensibility even with its price.

When the first version of this phone was first released a long time ago, it sold 126 million units. While this will never sell up to that 126 million, it may suit those who want a cheaper phone to back up their bag while away or take to festivals.

New Nokia 3310 price and release date

nokia 3310 (2017) review

The phone is already out in the UK, but not yet out in the US and Australia. It costs around $65.

The Nokia 3310 price is around $65(£49.99, AU$90), placing it as a perfect secondary phone purchase and it will appeal to the Nokia fans and festival goers.

Some people will balk at having to pay that much for a dumb phone, especially when there are similar spec’d feature phones at almost half of that price.

There is no doubt that Nokia 3310 name is a factor here, but you can also go for another phone with better value for money.

But the price is still accessible for those who want to own the new 3310.

The rugged phone is now on sale in the UK through Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone. EE has also confirmed it will sell the 3310, but O2 and Three have ruled themselves out for now. Limited Nokia 3310 was released maybe to test the market, so it may take some time before you get the phone.

The US people will have to wait a bit longer because the current version of the Nokia 3310 won’t work with the mobile networks in the country. A release in Australia is also not clear too.

Nokia 3310 Design

  • It came with retro, plastic design
  • It is light and small

nokia 3310 (2017)

The new Nokia 3310 is paying homage to the old design but looks slightly more attractive and like the younger sibling.

The Nokia has modernized the and majorly slimmed down the design, making it supremely pocketable.

It weighs 79.6g, making it lighter than the original than the original which was 137g. The phone is made of plastic, and you may not like this, but its low price makes it worth it.

It is comfortable to hold because of its plastic design, and it won’t easily slip out of your hand. Concerning colors, you will have the choice of four colors for the new Nokia 3310. The color includes dark blue, gray, yellow and warm red colors.


  • It doesn’t respond to touch, but it is in color
  • Low-resolution screen

There is no much room for the display on the 3310 because its display is only 2.4 inches big. It has a bright color display, but the resolution is not impressive at 240 x 320.

But you don’t need a super crisp display for the basic task you’ll perform on the phone. It is also not a touchscreen phone, so you won’t be able to tap the screen to interact with you.

Interface and performance

  • Intuitive interface, but its lack of touchscreen slows things down
  • Slow data speed and few apps

Windows 10 Mobile and Android software are nowhere to be found; it instead runs on phone OS. This phone comes with different apps including, contacts, the Internet, photos, call logs, snake, camera, my apps, messaging, apps and games, weather, video, radio, calendar, notes, music, calculator, extras, counters, voice recorder, files, alarm clock, and calculator.

The interface is very easy to understand, but the unavailability of the touchscreen makes moving around a bit difficult. The new 3310 is only compatible with 2.5G, meaning the data speed will be slow. There is also no Wi-Fi, so if you are going to be using a lot of internets, you may not find this phone helpful.

Battery life

The battery life is around a week, and you can charge it with micro USB. The removable battery is 1,200mAh, and it can be in standby mode for 3 days. It also offers 22 hours talk time.


nokia 3310 (2017) review

It has a 2MP rear camera but no selfie snapper.

Should you buy it?

The new Nokia 3310 price isn’t low, but if you have fond memories of the old 3310, then you may love this new phone. The new Nokia 3310 offer a good design, nostalgia element and several much-improved features that make it dependable.

If you need a better phone, check Nokia 6 or Moto G4 Plus

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