Nikon D500

It is an exciting thing to see that Nikon finally give us a professional-level APS-C format camera. The Nikon D500 is an impressive camera with a good auto focusing system with excellent low-light features capable of producing brilliant images in multiple conditions.

The release of Nikon D500 reassures Nikon of a wonderful spot in the market, which happens to reclaim the position as one of the prevalent cameras on the market, after the launching of the previous D300 some few years back.


Excellent image quality

Brilliant AF system

Polished handling

Metal, weather-sealed body

10fps shooting for 200 raw files


Limited touchscreen control

Tilting rather than vari-angle screen

Live View AF can be slow

Nikon D500 review

As expected, the D500 offers many improved capabilities which revolve around high-speed shootings and sports photography. There are impressive upgrades to the autofocus system and the shooting rate. You can utilize this camera beyond a specific niche with the upgrades in connectivity options and video capabilities, not forgetting the improvement on the viewfinder also.


  • 9MP APS-C CMOS sensor system.
  • 2-inch tilt-angle touch-screen, (2,359,000 dots)
  • 4K video capturing

The Nikon D500 has an APS-C sensor which exhibits 20.9 million viable pixels which are lesser than other 24MP DSLRs format from the company. It helps the D500 to perform effectively in low-lights and make the photosites bigger.

Nikon D500 feature

Nikon is optimizing their AF system to extend shooting ranges which are obvious in the Nikon D500. The camera offers almost full-width coverage with its 153-point AF module coupled with an 180,000-pixel RGB metering sensor system to enhance the AF tracking functionalities.

Just like the Nikon D5, the D500 has permits to parameters when it comes to fine-tuning the tracking characteristics of the autofocus system. It enables the user to dictate the type of subject motion and the exact reaction to another object hindering the subject detection.

Nikon D500 feature

The EXPEED 5 processing engine also brings a maximum continuous shooting rate of 10 frames per second (the D5 can hit 12fps) for up to 200 14-bit lossless compressed raw files, as well as the ability to record 4K UHD movies.

The D500 possesses the EXPEED 5 processing engine, which accumulates a continuous shooting rate of 10fps, and the capability to record 4K UHD videos. Considerably, the Nikon D500 specs portray attractive features for sports and action photographers.

Having a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51,000 with five extended settings, raising it up 1,640,000, the D500 has a lesser sensitivity range compared to the D5. Nevertheless, it is an impressive range figure, considering the D500 nature.

Nikon D500 provides the opportunity to record 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) videos up to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. Meanwhile, the shooting capability of the Nikon D5 is restricted to 3 minutes only.  Users can also reduce the effect of camera shakes when shooting movies (hand-held) with the incorporation of an electronic Vibration Reduction. The D500 has a 3.2 inch 2,359,000 – dot screen, which is touch-sensitive.

Nikon’s new SnapBridge innovation distinguishes the D500 from the D5. It allows the camera to connect with smart devices permanently over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Images can be transferred automatically to your smart devices anytime you capture or record.

Nikon D500 performance
Nikon D500 review

The D500 permits two memory card slots; one allows the usage of SD-type media while the other is designed for faster XQD memory cards. XQD cards haven’t been put into much use, but with the invention of Nikon’s D500, we hope to see these cards utilized properly.

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Made of magnesium alloy and weighing up to 860g, the D500 does not possess a complete metal body like the D5; it is more durable than that of the D5. Its level of weather sealing permits usage in harsh conditions. The camera has a well-designed grip with a coating texture, and the built is solid, compact and seems tough. It allows an overall comfortable holding experience.

The Nikon D500 is very similar in size to the D750. It gives plenty of room for custom buttons; it is light and comfortable and can be used for a longer period when shooting.

Users should take note of the fact that, you can’t navigate the menu or select the settings using the touch-screen control. However, there is room for adding copyright information if you so wish. You can set the autofocus point, move and zoom into images and the screen is very responsive.

Images produced with the Nikon D500 are very sharp and clear due to the high resolution of the screen. The tilting bracket of the camera is tough and durable when observed properly.

Nikon D500 design

The camera’s viewfinder isn’t huge when compared to other full frame cameras, but it is large and excellent for the APS-C system. The Nikon D500 possesses a 100% optical viewfinder that offers a 1.0 x magnification. The magnifying number is based on the 50mm lens usage.

The magnification figure portrays the 1.5x multiplier from the camera, making use of the APS-C Sensor. The view is pretty cool and bright; the blackout time is very short when shooting at the maximum frame rate, which permits it to keep up with subjects in fast motion.


What makes the Nikon D500 a standout camera for Photographers is the autofocus system. It has an impressive 153-point Multi-Cam 20K autofocus system with 99 of it being the cross-type points.

The D500 has the capabilities of a good camera in low light with its autofocus system. Like the D5, the sensitivity of the central point is down to -4EV, while the sensitivity of the other points is down to -3EV.

Nikon D500 autofocous

Users who are aligned to action and sports photography cannot but love the performance of the autofocus system; it is quicker and very accurate. You can adjust the focus very fast and keep track with it easily. There is an improvement and enhanced capabilities when it comes to the contrast detection AF system, especially when you are operating in the live view or video mode.


Looking at the Nikon D500 review, it exhibits a 10 frame per second burst shooting, 200 shot raw data buffer, and a battery life capable of 1,240 shots.

Nikon D500 performance

The metering system and the automatic white balancing of the Nikon D500 really proved useful when tested. It gave a standard performance as expected, offering rigid exposure values in a variety of situations and coping perfectly with bright subjects.


The Nikon D500 possesses a strong dynamic range with the combination of attractive colors. It has a sensitivity range of ISO100-51,200, which is expandable to 50-1,640,000.

Nikon D500 image quality

Going through the images produced with the Nikon D500, it was confirmed that majority of the images are well detailed, attractive, sharp, with accurate color combinations. The video quality is high also when operated on with the array of customization available on the camera.

Nikon D500 image quality

Observing the images, the details portray the camera performing excellently in low light within the native sensitivity range. The resolution tests also proved impressive with images taken at lower sensitivity. Slight noises can be experienced in raw files when viewed on screen at 100%.


The Nikon D500 price is currently at $1719 on Amazon. Nikon’s main intent with this invention is to serve action and sports photographer excellently, offering them with standard features in a smaller and affordable body compared with the D5.

Nikon has been able to cover up creditably well for omitting the 24 million pixels on the Nikon D500’s sensor, by improving the sensitivity performance, which provided an avenue for better resolution. The camera has the capability to control noise through the native sensitivity; better results are also produced at ISO 102,400.

With a solid build, the Nikon D500 can withstand harsh conditions, poor weathers and heavy use. It is a real competitor and perfect contender for the likes of the D300S Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Fujifilm X-T2 and the Canon 7D Mk II cameras.

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